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Disgaea Guild Rekting Videos

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Hello, we are Disgaea Guild from Philippines (pls dont hate us :haHAA:, peenoise LUL). We know its late but the guild is compose of 3 brothers playing KronaFLYFF since June of this year. If you notice there is also Disgaea guild from like 10 + private flyff server, yes, we are them. We only focus on PVE and we do not join any PVP arena. Rather than playing PVP in FLYFF, we play to enjoy the dungeons and we play DOTA 2 (SEA, JAPAN) , CS GO (Global) and League of Legends (Garena server, NA)  if it involves PVP Kappa. Thats enough of very late introduction, we decided to upload some videos of DuckCommander Rekting Dungeons (to inspire other to be one of PVE type players rather than PVP PogChamp) before the upcoming expansion update. There's PVE involves in it to lure some end game player (to join us LUL) to invite us if they need help with any dungeons Kappa. Also you can use this as guide to the dungeons.


Finished videos:


Orions Belt






Contaminated Rhisis' Trial







Ankou's Asylum







Abyssal Cove












Basiliks of the Great Maw







Upcoming Videos:
Volcano Dungeon


Cursed Aminus


The Savage Wilds


Catacombs of Anguish




Kalgas Cave


Do not know if can be uploaded videos:
Faymarsh Peak

Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Some included and/or not included in the expansion update videos:

Temple of Catan


Raid Dungeons




Les Britannia S


We will try again to video all of the dungeon even the WB and Invasion after the expansion update! Thank you!

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So DuckCommander actually hits that high, i remember i post something about he hits like 10m so its actually real (including the psykiper debuff and hc) damn. i think imma gonna grind so hard to reach that but for now, school first :D kudos for the videos.

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On 01/12/2017 at 7:57 PM, Oblique said:

i wanna see your faymarsh video /ridicule 

Idk im currently onboard a vessel and will sign off in august😢




Slayer                    DuckCommander

Arcanist                 KrystalMaiden

CrackShooter        L0rdCommander

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