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Found 9 results

  1. engineerbear

    [SexyToys] Guild Recruitment Thread

    Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ri7ieAVSoE Guild Name: SexyToys Focus: Player vs Environment and Custom Clan Events! Player-base: NA and EU (International) Requirements: - Language: English - All levels and classes welcomed - Request invite through our discord #fly-for-fun channel Originally founded on the US Aibatt server back in 2006; We're back & stronger than ever as we continue to bring a positive atmosphere everywhere we go! We have an immense collection of social media outlets including our website and event experience. Read more about us at: http://toygamers.forumotion.com/ Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/mm7Hw84 What are you waiting for? See you on discord! ~ Bear "~Once a Toy, Always a Toy~"
  2. Bajermole

    Harlequin PVE Build

    Hi I'm trying to build a Harlequin 140 dungeon runner to hunt for cards (is this the best way to look for cards?) Right now I'm geared with 2/2 armor, typhoon and champions. But I noticed that this set lacks in crit and atk speed due to lack of dex even with full buffs. Pumping some stat into dex to reach high ebough crit and max atk speed would greatly lower damage. To experienced PVE Harles out there, am I doing this right? Any tips on this? Thanks
  3. Keepo

    Solo in dungeons?

    Hello hello hello, I'm still fairly new to this server so... apologies if these are dumb questions. I have been levelling up a Jester to 120 in order to farm the Catacombs of Anguish, which ended up working out well. Although I can't seem to be able to kill the boss in the totem dungeon thing (any tricks for this one?) but that's fine. However, I was wondering, are there other dungeons (130-140) easy to do with just a Jester? (So is it worth levelling him up a bit more to do these instead of the Catacombs?) Or what would you recommend to farm dungeons easily? Thanks guys :) See you later
  4. Table of contents: 1. Simple Introduction 2. Who are the world bosses? 2.1. [General]Razgul 2.2. Basilisk of the great maw 2.3. Chief Keokuk 3. 5\/\/331 |0015: 1. Simple Introduction: Hello and welcome to a simple guide to world bosses. This guide is very simple, just like world bosses are simple. You simply need to have at least 100k HP in order to survive their simple AoEs. Oh yea, world bosses sometimes AoE, this is simply what is called "Artificial difficulty". The again FlyFF is a very simple game and most everything is artificial difficulty. Simply put, the only simple requirements for world bosses are: *A simple pick-up pet *100k HP *Be able to hit above 200k *Level 150 And that's all, see so simple. "But why does it change agro hurr durr" You ask, you simple minded person. Well, to put this in a simple manner, the world bosses change agro everytime someone dies close enough to them. So, if you die to an AoE attack it'll simply change agro to someone else. This mechanic is what's called "very annoying", so it's better to simply not effing die... 2. Who are the world Bosses? The world bosses are the baddest mofos around. They be so bad they only come every three hours after the last one has been killed. Ultra bad. They also don't repesct any rules but their own, just like any bad boy. Extremely attractive the emotional damage they are carrying But they also carry sweet badass loot. Heck yes. So here's them boys. 2.1. First we have [General]Razgul, hated by everyone, this edgy douche sometimes likes to remain on his spot for days on end because some simple minded fool decided to attack him. Razgul is by far the hardest hitting douche cannon. You'll need the most hp for this one. *Location: In case you can't locate him, he's the one called [General]Razgul. His AoE attack comes when he holds hist mighty sword with both hands and does this anime-style-weird-jump-sword-bash thingy on the ground. 2.2. Next we have Basilisk. Did you know this mofo has 6 legs? Yea that's a lot of J's on his feet. Nothing special for him: Easier to locate this one so I won't help you here. This ain't no guide. His AoE attack will come when he stands on his hind legs for a second and slams the ground with his front legs. Werq qween. 2.3. Finally, everyone's favourite piece of racism, chief keokuk. This bad boy is inspired by an actual indian named chief keokuk. Also it's really easy to mock his name due to the similarity of it's pronounciation to some words that are totally mature. He's a bear btw so treat him nice, also this douche does not have a designated AoE animation so it can come at any time. 3. 5\/\/331 |0015: The loots of the world bosses are completely trash, dont waste your time worth the time spent doing them. Allow me to copypaste my datamined info from the server's official files that was totally not stollen from the forums: Ultra Rare Drops Dango Royal White Lion These are the most exclusive items from the World Boss system, featuring a buff pet called Dango and the Royal Lion Mount. If you are a collector of rare items, and enjoy collecting them, you don't want to miss out on this! Rare Drops A Cards 7% Cards Uncommon Drops Baruna Gems Clockworks Jewelry (+2, +3) Common Drops Clockworks Jewelry (+1) Shards Amazing.
  5. I really need to have this suggestion because the FlyFF lose its essence of the Aerial Combat System which can make the players think "when (or) why should I fly?" I think there's only two (2) places that needs you to fly which is at the Traseia and at The Valley of the Risen. Using Mount is much faster than Flying so why fly? Since it is first that I suggested such thread, I think it needs improvement and help from you guys. Do anyone right here remembered these Masquerpets? Mothbees Rockepellers Flbyrigen These are the only Flying Masquerpets in FlyFF but decativated in Krona. They are only appearing during a FLYING MASQUERPET INVASION The Concept is still the same as the War Puppet invasion but this one includes the Flying System NORMAL FLYING MASQUERPET DROPS: • Potion of Clarity • Potion of Accuracy • Potion of Swiftness • Potion of Recklessness • Flask of Stone • Flask of the Lion • Flask of the Fox • Flask of the Rabbit • Flask of the Tiger • Elixir of Evasion • Hot Ddukguk • Sweet Ddukguk • Fresh Ddukguk • Shards • Blessing of the Goddess • Kingdom Hidden Rune • 4% & B Cards 500 MASQUERPETS MUST BE KILLED IN ORDER TO LET THE BOSS BE SPAWNED. FLYING BOSS MASQUERPETS: GIANT MOTHBEE GIANT FLBYRIGEN GIANT ROCKEPELLER FLYING BOSS MASQUERPET DROPS: Same drops as the Clockworks FLYING BOSS MASQUERPET HP: Half HP of the Clockworks(Because killing Masquerpets while flying is hard) DAMAGE REQUIREMENT FOR DROPS: 1% OF THE HP OF THE BOSS. INVASION LOCATIONS: Between Garden of Rhisis & Saint Morning Between Saint Morning and Flaris Between Flaris and Darkon
  6. Decided to make a youtube series, out of all the end game dungeon's in this server. Video's are meant for both entertainment & educational purposes <3! Jester: (To see more dungeons with Jester click top left) Arcanist: (to see more dungeons with Arcanist click top left) ForceMaster: (to see more dungeons with ForceMaster click top left) Slayer: (to see more dungeons with ForceMaster click top left) Hope you enjoy! ~Banjo
  7. Hey there, I'm new to this server but a veteran to p-servers and flyff in general. I recently joined and made a 150 blade since i never do much 1v1ing in any server I join. on a similar vein, i always tend to character-hop, but this time, i decided that this first char i made is the only one i'll be gearing/using. so since this is the basket in which all my eggs lie, i have a few technical questions, mainly involving the coveted 600k hp i've heard about. how much of an investment to STA does that usually take? currently, im in the process of +20ing my 2/2 135 2/2 150 set, after which i will finish upgrading the weapons. the set is pierced with LC7% etc. im just wondering, from this standard setup, where my HP will come from. is it worth buying a lion? should i just keep getting STR awakes etc and then restat to STA to make up for the difference? i just want to be within an HP range that will allow me to solo/run other dungeons too, even if 300hp--or another amount lower than 600--will suffice. I've been sticking to orions with my 210k hp, but im positive ill need some more before i expand my horizons. hope i framed the situation well enough, lemme know if you have any questions.
  8. Greetings fellow Kronians, I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Rangda mobs (Rangda, Horrible Rangda, Uncanny Rangda, and Dreadful Rangda), but these were some of the coolest mobs back in the day that dropped rare goodies. I have come across a few of them in Kronia, the most recent one being Uncanny Rangda and she was level 150 (and unimpressively easy to kill). I had full party buffs and gift box items, but she didn't drop anything. Does anyone know the drop table for these mobs? If the drop table is empty, it would be great if it could be readjusted. Including more relevant items: chaos gems, 135/150 goods, jewellery, some transmute item, or some very rare in-game fashion stated set/items. This would also imply increasing the difficulty in killing her. Perhaps changing her status to a world boss. The mystery aspect to this mob is a large part of her appeal though, so if her world boss status is assumed then maybe just a simple, but ambiguous world announcement like "An eery presence has appeared", or "A heavy soul wonders the plains of Darkon". PS: Didn't know whether to place this as a question or a suggestion, because I don't know if I've just gotten extremely unlucky with the drops.
  9. Gundisalvus

    SELLING Gundus' 150 Selling Thread

    Disclaimer: I reserve the right to reject any offer or cancel any trade at any given time up untill the actual trade, me saying yes is not a guarantee of sale. Items displayed as available might not be available if I have not got time to update. Most items are also displayed at my store and I can't promise they won't be sold meanwhile You can contact me by posting here, private message or by mailing Gundus in game How to browse this thread: Up for sale are items that drop from the following dungeons: Abyssal Cove (150 PvE weapons), Les Brittania S (150 Tank weapons), Contaminated Trials (150 armour). To find a specific item you're looking for you can either scroll down or you can also do CTRL+F and write the name of the item you're looking for. Regarding the armour, only the set names are displayed. Inside each parenthesis will be two numbers numbers, the first for the male part and the second for the female part like so (Male/Female) the number represents the amount of a specific piece that I have available at a time. Selling: * 150 PvE Weapons: -- Conch Stave -- Sold out -- Lamprey's Wand -- 1 piece -- Coral Cutlass -- Sold out -- Nautilus -- 1 piece -- Abyss -- Sold out -- Leviathan -- 1 piece -- Fist of Tides -- Sold out -- Song of Sirens -- Sold out -- Nemo's Fury -- Sold out -- Typhoon -- Sold out * 150 Tank Weapons: -- Queen's Mercy -- Sold out -- Archduke -- 2 pieces -- Regalia -- Sold out -- Bishop -- Sold out -- Monarch -- Sold out -- Kingslayer -- Sold out -- Godhand -- Sold out -- Duchess -- Sold out -- Baroness -- Sold out -- Viceroy -- Sold out * 150 Armour: -- Mystical Lippin/Lypine: (1/0)(1/1)(0/2)(1/1) -- Cryptic Reffiro/Rephira: (1/0)(0/1)(0/1)(1/1) -- Piercing Heraud/Herainn: (0/0)(0/1)(0/0)(0/0) -- Majestic Bileire/Bilari: (0/0)(0/1)(0/0)(0/0) -- Vigorous Roenier/Roelayne: (1/0)(0/0)(0/0)(0/0) -- Purifier's Reine/Rayne: (0/0)(0/0)(0/0)(1/0) -- Trickster's Curio/Curena: (0/0)(0/0)(0/0)(0/0) -- Deadeye's Hainure/Hanira: (0/0)(0/0)(0/0)(0/1)