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Found 5 results

  1. Requirements: active player any Auto Atack Class (Atleast 6m+ damage in Orion last boss) Arcanist (Crystal Breaker) can do 2 crystal must be willing to join in Guild: Redemption PH Player only
  2. Nekogami

    Crashes in Onima

    Heyo, When me and my friends tried to do Onima today we found a bug that lets the tank crash at some point in the dungeon. We don't know what it is, but since it's always the tank who got the crash we think it could be an attack casted by eva which causing the crash. We tried two different persons being tank and both times it was the tank who crashed. I hope you can fix this soon.
  3. Decided to make a youtube series, out of all the end game dungeon's in this server. Video's are meant for both entertainment & educational purposes <3! Jester: (To see more dungeons with Jester click top left) Arcanist: (to see more dungeons with Arcanist click top left) ForceMaster: (to see more dungeons with ForceMaster click top left) Slayer: (to see more dungeons with ForceMaster click top left) Hope you enjoy! ~Banjo
  4. Hi All! We're looking for a 3rd man DPS in our team. We usually run at 9:45~10:00 PM GMT+8 that would be around 13:45 server time We're planning to complete the set hopefully till tier 3! So we need a dedicated member Feel free to leave a comment or message me or @Gerard in-game or in-forum if you're interested! IGN: Kira
  5. Banjo

    Onima Dungeon Guide

    Beste line up: 1 Tank: ~800k/900k+ HP in standard to low tier gear (+0/14) / 600/700K HP in mid to high tier gear (+15/20) 2 Healer: Preferably a Seraph to get both Holy Cross & Heal Rain out of it as well, but can also work with a ForceMaster just focussed on healing the tank. 3. Multiple DPS: This totally depends on the players you're going with, the amount of damage they deal and how many crystal's you wanna do per person. (Always recommend/neccesary, high speed %) Alright lets go to the first phase, Dantalians: (00:15 in the video) Dantalians is pretty much self explanatory, its just a room full of monsters that you have to kill. Best way to deal with those would be bringing an Arcanist due to the immense PoS lag such an amount of monsters bring with them. And Arcanist has the least amount of problems aoe'ing. also does probably the most damage aoeing. When you do this, make sure there's always one monster left over, let the tank agro it and drag it into the middle so once it's killed by the tank Eva (the boss) will focus the tank. (Nearest target). Alright now we get to the second and also final phase which includes a few things, Lets start with, Snowrain: (11:10 in the video) Eva uses an AOE attack from time to time that deals a significant amount of damage. This damage variates since the damage is split over in 3 hits in a fast amount of time, but will deal about 300/400k damage on average depending on the tier of your gear. So its highly recommended to bring 300k HP or more to Onima as a damage dealer aswell. Once the snowrain appears, eat a remantis lacotte as soon as the first tick of damage hits you. The Circle: (11:21 in the video) Alright so this is probably the most easy one, At random Eva decides to spawn a circle around her with arrow's point outwards. All you have to do is make sure to stand on the outside of the circle when it dissapears, once it dissapears a much smaller circle will spawn around Eva. Make sure to be standing INSIDE of this circle before it dissapears otherwise you will be one shot no matter how much HP you have. Crystals: (5:50 & 12:18 in the video) At both 70% and 10% HP left Eva protects herself with a huge yellow barrier around her. Making her invonerable to any incoming damage, the shield absorbs a big amount of damage and while its taking up the damage you deal it will spawn Crystals. Locations: North, East, South & West. Crystals will not stop spawning until you cleared out the barrier, and if you miss 1 crystal everyone will be one shot and you'll have to restart the dungeon. For this phase high movement speed is very recommended, and if you do not use high movement speed have atleast 1 person at every Crystal spawn point. You can see when a crystal spawns, by looking @ your buffs. It will spawn a little 7 second buff that's called Eva's Curse and that means there's a crystal up for 7 more seconds for you to kill it. If you have all these things under control, Onima will slowly become easier and easier. Have fun hunting!