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Found 54 results

  1. Just wanted to know prices for each sets. Clean or +20. Need some input on what is cost efficient in terms of buying 😄 Thanks!
  2. How much can i sell this one if i considered selling it
  3. With the new update and the new mixing of accessory sets, does anyone know the prices of CLEAN -t1 STR -t1 INT -t1 DEX -t1 STA (and I'm talking about the appropriate mixing of the set, Ex: T1 int would be- INT/INT/DEX/INT/INT for the jewelry) and also the prices of Eva's Soul Eva's Heart Eva's Harp Eva's Sinister Ring Thanks bois
  4. Are these worth anything? Clean 150 Jester (F) Gaunts 15% Crit chance, Suit 38 Dex
  5. Riddaren

    PRICE CHECK Help a brother out

    Helloooo, quiiiiiiiiiick question! I wonder the diffrent prices in all the cards (A's and 7's)
  6. Happie

    PRICE CHECK Templar Stuff

    Need Price Check on : +20 Majestic Bilari set 28%hp with good sta awakes +20 Monarch Sta awaked , sta gems, 10/10 Ground A Tier 1 STA Perfect Lion with Sta awake
  7. palladyn12

    PRICE CHECK Bravery Durable

    What is the cost 1- Cloak of Bravery? 2-Durable Kheldor Cloak? As someone who knows please tell me
  8. palladyn12

    PRICE CHECK Windtracker Ruthless???

    How much can it cost? Windtracker Wing? Ruthless Kheldor Cloak?
  9. Bringer

    PRICE CHECK Insignias

    How much are insignias nowadays?
  10. DickesGoML

    PRICE CHECK PvP Jester Equip

    Hey guys, how much do i roughly need to spend on an average pvp gear for jesters? thanks in advance!
  11. Sina

    PRICE CHECK T2 Str Upgraded

    Hello Guys, can someone tell me the Price for that T2 Str ? Thank you :)
  12. Nexo

    PRICE CHECK PvP Blade weap

    how much does kfang cost ? :) thanks for those who reply the one not OP
  13. kingpin0684

    PRICE CHECK donation points

    new to the game, wondering how much donations points run for
  14. Bandit

    PRICE CHECK Perfect fox

    how much would a 100int P.fox go for? thanks
  15. SaitamaSensei

    PRICE CHECK Clean Dango

    P/C for clean dango
  16. palladyn12

    PRICE CHECK Wings Cloak Mask

    what cost to- Twilight Mask ??? Ruthless Cloak??? Ruthless Wings??? Windtracker Wings???
  17. Hello, i just wanted to make a price check on my Tier 2 Pvp Insignia which gives 12 % pvpdmg. I got it in my third Insignia crafting that means the chance for me was 33,333..%. How much would u pay? Thanks, Cisum
  18. BladePosterx3

    PRICE CHECK Blade Helmet +61 STR

    Just checking the Price to buy it. :)
  19. SilverBlade

    PRICE CHECK Heraud Helmet 41 sta

    Hi Guys, Just want to check how much this costs. i'm planning to sell it coz i wanna buy windtracker set for my blade.
  20. Infusion


    How much is for clean +20 2/2 sets for blade?
  21. 5400 dp enough for +20 conch stave?
  22. Bryauk123

    PRICE CHECK Lippin parts

    hey guys just wanted to get a price check on Lippin boots, gaunts, and helm. Thankyou in advance :)
  23. Limeball

    PRICE CHECK Item Mall Stuff

    Could I get a general idea on how much Vert's set and the Tiara set go for? Both as whole sets and individual parts please.