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Found 35 results

  1. KRONA SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 06/05/2018. 15:00 Server Time. This is an update, everyone. So basically, some awesome shit is going in! ETA is standard for an update. 15-75 minutes. We're doing it a day later so that we're online when the patch goes live. It contains some heavy updates, so we want to be online in case anything goes wrong! Patch notes may come earlier than the server is online, so be aware. Join our Official Discord to stay live on all the hot action. Delete those macros!
  2. KRONA SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 08/04/2018. 20:00 Server Time. This is an update, everyone. That means some features, cool shit and other awesome things are going in. ETA is standard for an update. 15-75 minutes. Patch notes may come earlier than the server is online, so be aware. Join our Official Discord to stay live on all the hot action.
  3. KRONA SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 20/03/2018. 22:00 Server Time. This is an update. It means some awesome shit is going into the server! ETA is standard for an update. 15-75 minutes. Patch notes may come earlier than the server is online, so be aware. Join our Official Discord to stay live on all the hot action. Gold here, gold there... gold everywhere.
  4. KRONA SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 02/03/2018. 23:30 Server Time. This is an update. It means we're implementing some cool shit. ETA is 45-60 minutes. Patch notes may come earlier than the server is online, so be aware. Join our Official Discord to stay live on all the hot action. Aladdin said: Abu. don't. touch. anything!
  5. KRONA SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 02/10/2018. 17:00 Server Time. This is a "hotfix", not an update. It means we're fixing things. ETA is 30-45 minutes. We are implementing a new tool to mass-delete items as Proto said. There could be issues. We're doing an early update to be there in case there are. Still.. be excited!
  6. KRONA SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 31/01/2018. 22:00 Server Time. It's an update. Features are going in. ETA is 15-45 minutes. Be there or be square.
  7. SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE! Here are all of the details you will need for the maintenance: It is an update maintenance, meaning we will be implementing some large feature or change in this update. Your estimated downtime is average, so 30-60 minutes at maximum. It is happening on: 19/01/2018 (Saturday/tomorrow) at 23:00 Server Time. Be excited! Thanks, and see you there. ~ Red.
  8. SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE! Here are all of the details you will need about the maintenance: It is a hotfix maintenance, meaning no large systems etc are going into place. Your estimated downtime is average, so 30-60 minutes at maximum. It is happening on: 16/12/2017 (Saturday), the exact time is currently unknown. Be excited! Thanks, and see you there. - Red!
  9. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Black Friday!

    We will be holding a crowns sale for Black Friday, on top of that we will also be adding back all limited edition Cash Shop items to the store for the entire day! This will only last one day! Expect a teaser trailer for the new expansion and an update this weekend to get a part of the expansion updated to the live client, we've already been doing this the last couple of patches as the expansion is extraordinary large in size. *Sidenote: Christmas and Halloween exclusive items will not be included in the SALE!
  10. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Scheduled Maintenance (23.10.2017)

    Kronians, We're going to be having a quick maintenance tomorrow at (23:00) Server Time, 23/10/2017. Again, no exact ETA for the downtime of this patch, but it'll feature some Halloween-y updates! Expect the patch notes after! Hope you're all still enjoying Krona. Also, don't forget to check out the new GM Siege thread that has been posted here. http://forum.kronaflyff.com/index.php?/topic/2935-the-legendary-gm-siege/ See you for the update. Regards, the Krona team.
  11. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Scheduled Maintenance (19.10.2017)

    Kronians, We're going to be having a quick maintenance tomorrow at (22:00) Server Time, 19/10/2017. We have no ETA on how long the server will be down, but it should be about the average amount of time, so no worries. Expect the patch notes after, and see you for the update! Hope you're all still enjoying Krona. Also, don't forget to check out the new GM Siege thread that has been posted here. http://forum.kronaflyff.com/index.php?/topic/2935-the-legendary-gm-siege/ See you for the update. Regards, the Krona team.
  12. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Scheduled Maintenance (02.10.2017)

    Kronians, We'll be hosting a scheduled maintenance tomorrow (02/10/2017) at 23:00 Server Time. Regards, the Krona team.
  13. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Scheduled Maintenance (22.08.2017)

    Kronians, We'll be hosting a scheduled maintenance tomorrow (22/08/2017) at 23:00 Server Time that will address our fixes for a large majority of the balancing issues that were a result of the most recent balance update. No promised ETA on how long the server will be down, but it should be about average. We will continue putting out these balance updates until we feel the server is where it needs to be for both PvE and PvP players alike. Please have some patience with us! This was one of the largest updates besides the Faymarsh update ever to hit Krona, overhauling every number in the game is no easy task. See you tomorrow for the update. Regards, the Krona team.
  14. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Scheduled Maintenance (20.08.2017)

    Kronians, We have a very large scheduled maintenance planned for this Sunday (the 20th of August) that will occur at 23:00 Server Time approximately 30 minutes after the ending of siege. There is no current approximate downtime ETA for the update, but we are not planning for any complications with the update and hope it goes as smoothly as normal. This is a big update, so we hope to see all of you then! Regards, the Krona team.
  15. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Insignia issues

    Kronians, We are aware that people are losing their insignias. We recommend everyone to NOT equip their insignias yet until we have pushed out the update with the fix. Since both phoen1x and I are completely back, expect this update and the other things mentioned in another post made by phoen1x to be happening ASAP. Thanks for being patient with us. Also, everyone will get their lost insignia's restored with the new update! Sincerely, Drew and the Krona team.
  16. phoen1x

    OLD NEWS Explaining the Absence

    Greetings Kronians, First and foremost, allow me to apologize for the complete lack of transparency over the last several weeks. It's been a very, very trying month for both Drew and I and we can see that it's negatively effected several fronts on our progress as the number one server. As a prelude, for those that have stuck with us faithfully and defended Krona against the naysayers, we thank you for that. So this post is a bit of a "catch-up" into what's been happening with us, and why things haven't been as smooth as they had been before... To begin, my grandfather had a very severe illness and he's someone that I'd been extremely close to my entire life. I'd been taking care of him with any of the time I had free because he had very little time left with us. Flyff can be re-created, the files are not going anywhere; however, he isn't just something I can push to the back burner and still expect to see in 3-5 months when I "feel like it". I hope you guys understand this. As such, I'd been busy taking care of him, and hadn't finished a couple of the important tasks needed for the large balance update (such as the exchange NPC) but you can expect to see these things coming from me very, very soon. As for @Drew, well, you guys know all about his divorce that was mentioned earlier. With his ex-fiance completely moved out of his home now, and his parents/her parents no longer in a feud, he had finally begun to settle down and begin progress on the balance update as well as several other things that were very needed to progress Krona further. However, just a week ago, Drew got into a very very bad car accident. Thankfully, nobody was injured, however, his car was completely totaled in the crash. I'll provide some images that he sent me in a spoiler at the end of this post. As such, he was in and out of the hospital just getting his wounds/vitals checked, and had many insurance-related things to take care of. That being said, we are both fully back and operating now. Drew has his ordeals settled, as do I. As such, our next major release (coming ASAP now) is going to include even more than it had expected before, and this release will include several of the things that we know you've been waiting for. Please be excited for this update as we definitely feel it's the update that will bring us back on the steam-train we were on before: Complete Balance Overhaul for PvE and PvP! Siege Regions! (Two Crowns, Two MVPs, Two Sieges for differing Timezones) All Insignia Issues Completely Resolved! Many/All Client Crash Issues Fixed! We hadn't planned to include the siege regions in this update, but we felt it was more important than ever to include it as the PvP scene steadily expands on our server. We want those that didn't have the chance to participate in a siege due to timezone restraints to have their own opportunity to earn a crown and reap the rewards that siege provides. Again, we sincerely apologize but during the moment, it's extremely hard to figure out how to word that we have very important IRL tasks to manage/take care of as well. This does not mean that we had given up on Krona whatsoever, but just had some things we had to settle in order to properly give Krona the treatment and attention it deserves. No more sloppy updates! Drew's Accident (Spoiler) Best Regards, phoen1x, Drew and the Krona team.
  17. Raven

    OLD NEWS Krona's Forum Overhaul

    Kronians, As our developers have been hard at work getting the new balance overhaul under wraps, I've been working feverishly on a new design, layout and feel for the current forums. I spent a great deal of time over the last several months getting the forums operating the way I wanted, but it never looked precisely the way I wanted. I worked with a great graphical artist over the last week or two getting designs correlated and created for the new skins. Yes, that's right, skins. Due to popular request, I've spent some time implementing, creating and designing a Dark Theme for Krona! Accessing the Dark Theme You can access the Dark Theme by navigating to the bottom of your forum page. At the bottom left, you will see "themes", click the "Dark Theme" option. This will set your account settings to the Dark Theme of the forum board. Muran's Rise to Event Coordinator Congratulations to Muran for his promotion to Krona's official Event Coordinator position! He will be correlating and planning all future events and prizes, as well as all major holidays and the events that surround them. We hope to allow our in-game GMs to do more events starting soon, but we've been so bogged down with the update that it's been hard to figure out the proper prize system for them, the developers themselves can tell you more about that (I'm but a forum servant!). Introducing Staff of the Month As we now have 11 staff members, excluding the two administrators, we felt having a friendly competition for "Staff of the Month" would be a fun thing to do on the forums. We'll be posting a thread with a poll every month (on the 26th) and the poll will last until the 1st of the following month. The staff member you vote for will receive an awesome title for the upcoming month, and bragging rights! Throw some positive comments towards the staff, but don't be negative! Introducing Forum Achievements I've added several new icons for achievements here on the forums. Certain behaviors deserve certain icons and things, and as such, we've added several new icons and group icons to ensure that people are recognized for their accomplishments (or lack thereof) in the Krona community. As such, here are some of the requirements to getting these... - Siege Conquerer (5+ Siege MVPs) - Respected Artist (All Known Graphic Artists, MUST Provide Proof!) - Troublemaker (Well-known Dramatist/Troublemaker) - Trusted Helper (Well-known Active Guide/Video Creator for New Players) - Jebaiter (haHAA) I've already added most of the important titles to those that I know deserve them, and you'll know the second you read the description of the titles that you earned it or not. Don't be a troublemaker, that title comes with bad consequences too! Anyways, I hope this small (but hopefully significant) forum update was something that will help you enjoy Krona all the more. Expect a Head GM to be posting the voting poll soon (your vote will be confidential to all, including staff members). Thanks for your patience while the forum was down this morning, it was a large overhaul that required me to keep it down. Thank you, the Krona team.
  18. Dear Kronians, Starting today, we have opened Wiki Editor applications, giving you the chance to apply for a position on our Wiki team. Applications will be opened for two weeks. Refer to this thread for everything you need to know about the requirements, the work and pretty much anything related to the applications and the job. If you're interested in applying, please post an application thread on this forum. I will also be answering any questions concerning the Wiki Editor position and application formalities in a few online sessions within the next two weeks, so either look out for me in game or just send me a private message if something isn't covered in the thread I linked above. Good luck to everybody applying, I'm looking forward to reading some great applications! - Ajax and the Wikipedia team
  19. Devotio

    OLD NEWS Trouble in Azria

    Kronians, We regret to inform the Krona community to NOT go inside Azria for a while, as there are reported issues of some players randomly getting disconnected from the game and if you are stuck in Azria, please contact any GM that is available in-game or in the forums. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we are looking for a fix to this problem. Please do understand that the fix may not come soon, as the staff (especially the developers) are still busy optimizing the game for the soon-to-come balance overhaul update. Again, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, especially to our new players who are still getting used to Krona FlyFF. As usual we thank you for your continued patience and support. Regards, the Krona team.
  20. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Preparing for the Balance Update

    Kronians, As we prepare for the largest balance update that Krona has ever done since launch, we've configured and changed so many things that a new client is required for installation! Now, there is a very distinct difference here, everyone will fall into one of two categories: Group One: You ALREADY HAVE the CURRENT client downloaded! Group Two: You have NOT yet installed Krona's CURRENT client! It is important that you know specifically which group you are in. Group One You will be just downloading the container.zD file from the client (which is basically the entire client anyways), and then be replacing the file in your current client. This can be done, right now! So get downloading, so you're ready for the update. Your client WILL NOT WORK if you do not replace these files. Download: https://mega.nz/#!dxdjiYBK!SKj36jrjzupM16wlUBqwD_z9iNnWedFlsvTchXaGfsM Instructions Download the contents of that download above. After downloading, extract/move those files into your current client. If it says anything about "overriding" or "this file already exists", make sure overwrite your old contents with this. Group Two Your group is much more simple! We have the fully working client available on the download page of our website! Since you have not yet installed the client, you'll simply go and download the client and patch/install as normal. You don't need to worry about anything! Download: http://www.kronaflyff.com/Home/Download Instructions Download the client as normal. Install it in a folder that has write access, this is important to prevent errors in the future. As normal, thank you for your patience as we continue doing our best to make Krona the best possible server in the Flyff world! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to any of the GMs, or post your issue in the shoutbox. Please spread this to all of your friends/guildmates. Regards, the Krona team.
  21. Kronians, Congratulations to @Ascentia and @Devotio on their recent promotion from Trainee GMs to Head GMs. It was a long process of interviews to make sure they were chosen properly. These two will be in charge of the entire GM team, as well as be the direct communicative link between the community and the administrators. If you've got any problems that have urgency, please contact these two and they can directly contact the administrators with your issues. Keep in mind, they will be busy and as such, they will need as much detail as possible on your problems! Congratulations! On a side-note, we're working feverishly to finish this balance update. We hope to have it done by this weekend, but we are not releasing an ETA as we aren't sure if it's possible. As mentioned in several other threads, this balance update is overhauling nearly every aspect of the game in terms of HP and PvP damage. The PvE damage should remain relatively untouched. We just wanted to drop a small update on that. Again, these two will be in charge and report only to the administrators. If you have any issues inside of the staff, or feel you cannot get your problem solved with a different GM, please contact one of these two. Regards, the Krona team.
  22. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS New RMT/RWT Rule & Daisuke Leaves

    Kronians, As of the last couple of weeks, we've realized that Real World Trading (or Real Money Trading) has become a very large issue circulating through our community. We do not want to seem like tyrants on this, but it is very explicitly specified in the rules that any such trading of items for currency that is not on Krona is illegal and will be warranted with an IP-ban. Although, we feel this is causing some issues with how many different players are using the same IP addresses, so we're going to be changing this rule up, but first, a proper explanation of what it is: Real World Trading or Real Money Trading (RWT/RMT) is trading, or attempting to trade/sell your items or accounts on the server for any currency that is unrelated to Krona. That means any items or things IRL, money, paypal, gift cards, anything. Also selling gold, or services is the same process. Also please note that even attempting to trade your items (this is posting an ad to sell your items for ANYTHING besides perin or donor points), or even sending a PM suggesting the result of RWT/RMT and being reported for it, will count as RWT/RMT. However, as we mentioned, we're going to be changing the rules, and be a bit more lenient towards those that have been caught doing this. It used to be a permanent IP-ban on the first offense, but we feel people deserve a second chance. On the first offense of Real World Trading/Real Money Trading (see above), all of your characters will be permanently banned, and whoever you traded will also have all of their characters be permanently banned. This will not be an IP-ban, so you will be allowed to make a new account and start back up again if you choose. On the second offense of Real World Trading/Real Money Trading (see above), you will be permanently IP-banned with no ban appeal process and that will be that. Please don't attempt to RWT/RMT (see above), you will end up getting multiple people banned in the process, and probably have whatever payment was given to you for the items/accounts reverted as well, and you will end up with nothing. This is not ideal. You have been warned! In other news, Daisuke has departed from our team. He has other real life responsibilities that required his attention and was unable to address his needed responsibilities on Krona, and has decided to leave our team. We wish him the very best, and thank him for the work he's put in since Krona started, he was the first Game Master for Krona starting back in 2016. Enjoy playing Krona, and let's keep the environment safe and fun! Regards, the Krona team.
  23. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Behind the Scenes: PvP Balance

    Kronians, As mentioned in the patch log of our last update the entire class balance is being totally redone and so are all the stats of 90% of the gear in the game. Certain things will be removed but do not worry none of your gear will become obsolete as we will implement custom code to make sure you can dismantle them into useful items. I don't want to go to much into detail, but just a heads up why the balance is taking long as we are literally redoing everything from scratch. We promise this update will be the best balance update yet, let's all get excited! This update will also be thoroughly tested, so we hope the best, and think that this update will drastically change the way PvP works on Krona. For those that are expecting a overhaul, you're in store for something amazing! Regards, the Krona team.
  24. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Scheduled Maintenance

    Kronians, We will be hosting a scheduled maintenance this Sunday at 23:00 Server Time. There is currently no ETA based on how long it will take to bring the server back online after we have begun the update, but this patch should not take too long! We hope to see you all there, and that you've been enjoying the world of Krona. See you for the update! Regards, the Krona team.
  25. ProtosHeis

    OLD NEWS Welcoming Krona's New GMs!

    Kronians, We have officially completed our GM hiring, and would love to welcome them to our team! For the next month, they will be trainees on our team as they adjust to the culture that our team provides, so be kind to them. I will give them the opportunity to post their introductions as replies to this thread, instead of making 6 new threads. Go ahead and review, meet and get acquainted with them. As for those that applied and weren't in this wave, we appreciate every single application and hope that you continue supporting Krona! This was an extremely difficult choice for us. Without further adieu... welcome! Palaven | American GM Muran | American GM Ascentia | European GM Xenz | European GM Scale | Philippine GM Devotio | Philippine GM We have many, many exciting changes coming out, and these GMs will be tasked with keeping our players informed and happy, so please do let the administrators know if you have any problems! Again - thanks to everyone that applied. Your endless support is much appreciated! Regards, the (larger) Krona team.