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Found 5 results

  1. A Day in the Life of Krona (Screenshot Event) The Criteria for Entry There isn't much criteria for entry, just to take the best possible screenshots that you can! We want to share the experiences of players participating in our awesome systems, and competitions. Recommendations for Entries Dungeon runs. Guild siege. Invasions. Get Better Quality Screenshots In your "neuz.ini" file in your client, you can find a setting called "MSAA 0", if you change that to "MSAA 1", you'll have an anti-aliasing effect added to the game, and you'll see the quality improve. It does increase RAM/CPU usage, so be careful! How to Submit Your Screenshot You will POST YOUR IMAGE HERE in this thread! We will then vote upon them as a team, and we will have 10 winners! The Prizes We have some nice prizes although they are rather uniform! Each winner will receive 1k dPoints to their account! Hope you guys have had a great time playing Krona, and this is a small way for us to give back to you guys as a community! Let's take some awesome pictures so we can spread them all over and show everyone else what they're missing out on! Regards, the Krona team.
  2. The 1 Year Anniversary Special Event The Criteria for Entry Although I wasn't here for the opening of Krona, I understand the amazing milestone you've all achieved! It wasn't much more than a couple odd-weeks since Krona officially opened it's doors a year ago. Since then, you guys have overcome numerous peaks and valleys with the Krona team, and here is our appreciation for that! We are giving away a mega-pack, and the entry is very simple: You must first go and LIKE and SHARE our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/KronaFlyFF). Then, you have to go and LIKE the most recent post showing our expansion trailer. ... leaving a nice comment is not required, but would be awesome to see everyone commenting on it! Finally, you have to reach level 175 on Krona (woo! new level cap) and then post a picture of it on your Facebook wall. We get there are cheaters out there, so this is for you: Anyone caught posting pictures/signing up more than once will automatically be disqualified from the competition! Fake Facebook accounts will be immediately disqualified. There is only one entry per person. So, sign up only once! The Mega-Prizes As promised, we have some amazing prizes for all of you. If you're a winner, here are your options (choose one). An iPhone 6S, shipped to your doorstep, all fees included. 400EUR worth of crowns on Krona, that comes to a grand total of 58,000 crowns! There can be a total of 3 winners. Yes, it's real. Get your iPhones here. Thanks for sticking around for the year, and let's see how many of these yearly events we can do! #KronaForever Regards, the Krona team.
  3. SHARKS and MINNOWS What is Sharks and Minnows? To sum it all up......it's a simple tag game. How do you play Sharks and Minnows? A Shark(s) will be chosen by a GM and the other participants are the Minnows. The goal of this game is for the Minnows to cross the Ocean to get to another reef, without getting eaten by the Shark(s). Red: Ocean Green: Coral Reefs Blue: Shark's Belly Orange: Course (or you could cross the ocean however the fish you want. ) The game starts with the Shark(s) in the center of the ocean, while the Minnows are on the Reefs. The Minnows will begin crossing the Ocean when a GM gives the GO signal, if you get eaten by the Shark(s) you are to stay put in the ocean until the crossing ends and the GM gives the signal for the fallen Minnows to be swallowed into the Shark's belly. The game ends when the Shark(s) is no longer hungry. APPROVED Premium Items Raised pets Food/Health Potions Buff Pang buffs Accessories Masks Cloaks DENIED Pick-up pets and Buff pets Ringmaster/Seraph/Force Master buffs Equipment (Armor, Weapon(s) and Fashion Items) Skills Killing the Shark Killing of fellow Minnows Jumping (unless you're entering another reef), during a crossing Going out of the Ocean, during a crossing Alternate characters NOTE: Not following of rules will result to a temporary freeze, until the game ends. So please follow the rules and lets all have a fun game! Best regards, the Krona team.
  4. Kronians, As the Halloween season rolls through, so do some festive events for all of the members of the server! This season, we wanted to celebrate in style, so we're providing some awesome events, a new town, and a Skydome just for the players of Krona. If you're someone who likes collecting rare gears and items, collecting items from slaying an invading force, or simply enjoy feeling like it's Halloween town in Krona, this is the event page for you. These events will only last until the 5th of November. The Reaper's Takeover of Krona As one of the main invading forces of death, the Grim Reaper has officially found his way into Krona! This is a terrible, terrible thing and he's spread his clones all over the battlegrounds trying to take over the entire continent! You must stop him, and if you are successful in your kills, he might have a chance at dropping a box of his souls! Box of Reaping Secret Medicine Pumpkin Candy Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Soup Remantis Laccotte Top Bat Hat Walking Pumpkin Mount Grab these exclusive items while you can. The Candle Collection Event When we walked the streets of Flaris earlier this week to add the Halloween spirit to it, we noticed that some of our Red Candles have gone missing. We looked and looked until we found a small trail of footprints leading away from our storage closet. Monsters have actually snuck in and stolen our Red Candles! No idea why they stole our Red Candles, but we NEED THEM BACK. Help us get candles, and save the Halloween spirit for Krona! Red Candle Exchange 25 Red Candles for 1x Golden Corn 25 Red Candles for 1x Pumpkin Candy 25 Red Candles for 1x Pumpkin Pie 50 Red Candles for 1x Pumpkin Soup 1000 Red Candles for 1x Pumpkin Hat 15000 Red Candles for 1x Ponchee Backpack 30000 Red Candles for 1x Ghastly Ghoul Set (M or F) 30000 Red Candles for 1x Mischievous Pumpkin Pick-up Pet These spooky rewards are exclusive to Halloween, so get them while you can! The Cash Shop & Vote Shop Halloween Edition Don't forget that we've added some awesome things to our Cash Shop, such as Halloween exclusive items, mounts, costumes and pets. Grab them while you can, as once the event ends, they'll disappear too! However, for Halloween especially, we've added some awesome items to the Vote Mall as well. Make sure to get these while you can, and all you have to do is support this awesome server. Vote daily! Vote Shop Additions Spooktastic Pumpkin Hats Halloween Wings As always, these items are exclusive to Halloween and only available while the event is active. Get them while you can! Regards, the Krona team.