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  1. Noshy is not good at templar i can see how he do siege.. need more practce ill make one soon
  2. hope you make youre templar a siege agian DOrie... make it as a sample but still asal is to Op
  3. why make fm HIGH ASAL DAMAGE Tthen templar skyplit got lower
  4. lalabko

    Grasp for Power Update Discussion

    for me better if you get 5/5 ICDand psy attack
  5. lalabko

    Grasp for Power Update Discussion

    in changes in pvp environment why ranger to much nerf?? almost 40% to 45% of previous damage is gone.. swap wont work in ranger also cus damage to much low now... FM will be GOdly in swap for that and RM
  6. lalabko

    SEA Siege 4-21-18

    SUck Iluay still no match at Hinako ^_^
  7. lalabko


    better if we increase the drop rate of remantis in 150 dangeuns if you put rema on 175 dageun drop its no use of other ppl to hunt 150 at all and for the new players they wont have any income on selling remantis... fair enough for endgame PPL to buy at low lvl palyer and newbie remantis just increase the rate of drop for orb need to increase also the drops of orbs in CW and WB so that PPL will go and participate WB is no use for now.. useless is word enough
  8. lalabko

    SEA Siege 04/07/2018

    Redemption win?? lol
  9. lalabko

    Sea Siege 02/22/2018

    Donate plsss ^_^
  10. lalabko

    Sea Siege 02/22/2018

    Hope i have 175 weapon also
  11. lalabko

    SEA Siege 2018-02-03

    delayed at traz and flarise gone but at siege we suddenly crash first time ever as started and before it start siege... so lame after crash.. hope it wont happened again
  12. lalabko

    SELLING Jennifer Mateo is selling..

    pve insignia 150p ea pls
  13. lalabko

    SELLING Selling Stuffs!

    why selling again pre??