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  1. Cockwhore

    Need new music for gym

    Hey guys, im currently inactive waiting for pvp update. Tho i can still be on forums So im getting tired of listening to the same songs in the gym and need some new music to hype me up. I like house and party music, stuff that gets me pumped (or feeling sadistic lol). Really stuff that youd expect at a music festival like EDC or Ultra, tho not too mainstream because i need some spice. Something new Examples of the type of music i like are krewella (although i hate EDM, some of her songs are an exception), "Fences" by pusher, "World record" by wave racer, a lot of Marshmello's songs, and a lot of NGHTMRE remixes. Examples for more of a sadistic feel are "Murda" by Snavs and Fabian Mazur, "Mambo" by Tropkillaz, and "Mosh Pit" by Flosstradamus Those are just examples to get a feel for my taste. Could y'all help me out and recommend some new songs that are kinda like those i guess. Or something that u think would get me hyped haha.
  2. Cockwhore

    seraph is dankest class

    reported for clickbait
  3. Cockwhore

    End-game party dungeons runs

    true statement
  4. Cockwhore

    End-game party dungeons runs

    PvE sucks ;(
  5. Cockwhore

    RC and Everpower scroll

  6. Cockwhore

    RC and Everpower scroll

    putting everpower in RC shop wouldnt make pve reliable on pvp. You can get everpower by either farming goldflower or particpating in siege and guild clash. its not relying on either, its giving the option to do both. seems kinda dumb to make RC/GCT shops same as orbs of huntsman, if you're particpating in siege and guild clash you most likely already have stated cs and cloak. It would just be more useless stuff in the shops. There should be items useful to endgame players in RC and GCT shops, otherwise whats the point in participating in siege and guild clash lol.... what good are items that are lower stated then gear u already have. Everpower is hard to get and u need to use a shit ton of them to +10-11. It makes sense putting everpower in RC/GCT shop because in endgame its hard to get, so it would make people want to do siege and guild clash more so they can get more everpower. the item is useful for endgame, unlike the items in orb of huntsman shop. also ive already kinda brought it the idea of pvp having its own path and pve having its own path to make money/ gear up ur character without relying on the other. Though, the staff didnt seem to like the idea of that
  7. Cockwhore

    RC and Everpower scroll

    no to ur no
  8. Cockwhore

    4th job or gunner

    nump lol
  9. Cockwhore

    RC and Everpower scroll

    i dont approve of ur reasoning, there is literally no incentive to pvp whatsoever. you get nothing out of siege or the other thingy. as difficult as it is to +10-11 a legendary tier item, there should be more ways to get them other than the 2 goldflower runs u do a day for 3 everpower scrolls. make players want to siege so they can get more everpower. would make pvp more active /eyeroll
  10. Cockwhore

    RC and Everpower scroll

    making siege IP based is an easy fix lol
  11. Cockwhore

    RC and Everpower scroll

    Put everpower scrolls in RC shop, incentive for pvp. +1 or -1 tell me why not if u -1 u clucks
  12. Cockwhore

    BUYING Buying Corpsemaker Staff

    im selling one thats +10, 10 aqua A, +15 int awake, 60 int arcane slot message me on disrcord @Spongebob#7447 or mail Naruto in game.
  13. Cockwhore

    4/B card exchange and DT Drops

    #RageQuit flyff gods have frowned upon me welp thought id try suggesting anyway
  14. Cockwhore

    4/B card exchange and DT Drops

    okayyy....what about the other suggestion lol...
  15. I didn't know where the suggestion part of the forums was so ill just suggest it here. I had 2 suggestions regarding the 4% card and B cards exchange to 7% and A cards, also the drops of Dark traseia mobs. My suggestion is pretty simple and quick. Dark Traseia Drops Wanted to suggest making A/7% Cards drop in Dark Traseia at the same rate as madrigal. Dark Traseia is the end game farming area but u farm less there compared to traseia, I think making a chance for A/7% cards to drop, even at a low rate, would give more of an incentive to farm end game. Especially being end game characters need to farm a lot of cards for their PvE gear, PvP gear, and swap gear. If this isnt a possible route I have another suggestion below :3 4/B Exchange I just attempted converting my 4% cards and B cards into 7% and A cards. I tried 52 times (not 52 cards, 52 attempts incase anyone gets confused) and not a single A/7% card. I was told the rate is 5% success, although 52 times i should have at least gotten 1 7% or A card. Even if its 5% im suggesting to raise the success rate for this exchange to 10-15%. I know it obviously seems bias that im suggesting this because i didnt get the items i wanted lol, but 4% and B cards are kinda useless. Making the exchange a higher rate would help noobies who are trying to get some perin to start off in the game by taking a chance and trying to get A/ 7% cards. Also being 4% and B cards are the only cards that drop in traseia, it could be a way for end game farmers in dark traseia to farm their cards for their gear. Just my suggestion for cards, of course with more 7%/A cards being on the market the price will go down and players might not want that so asking the community and staff what they think about this idea. leave a comment and nudes below.