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  1. MDMA

    Krona Record Book (UPDATED 08/17/2017)

    you too cocky for your sexual desires
  2. MDMA

    [HELP NEEDED] Boat Dungeon Guide

    u cant get more than 60% block. in everything lol.
  3. MDMA

    Guildsiege 1-4-2017

    he does your dmg but with 100k hp stop being a sissy.
  4. MDMA

    What yall listenin to though?

    i fight for the user
  5. hey sandy man

  6. MDMA

    What yall listenin to though?

    my father and mother + i will beat u in any starcraft game.
  7. MDMA

    What yall listenin to though?

    with a tiny spoon of darkness.
  8. MDMA

    Echoes of the Weary

    we told you to wait fucking retard
  9. MDMA

    The Honest Issue About This Server

    im tired trying to voice my opinions. This fuckin idiot keeps telling me to stfu and leave. So i did with all the other people. Have fun on your serveur @Vanitas
  10. MDMA

    Pink cotton candy

    description is wrong but it gives 5% crit