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  1. Some even buy at higher price. Right now 1vp=1p is normal rate
  2. Zulfaqar96

    Weekly events hosted by players

    Event suggestion : 1)find X amount of ur desired questies and trade to you. 2)mathematics whisper event xD
  3. Dont forget to vote xD 1vp:1P
  4. Zulfaqar96

    PRICE CHECK Conch staff +10 25 int awake

    Oblique at this time. Bought clean conch at 80 or 90P
  5. Zulfaqar96

    PRICE CHECK Conch staff +10 25 int awake

    @LaMort u still want it xD
  6. Zulfaqar96

    Hello there ~ :>

    Reverie ia coming. Bring more :p
  7. Zulfaqar96

    Hello there ~ :>

    Hi emi. Enjoy here. 1 mega uas pack ;)
  8. Zulfaqar96

    Turning Point Updates Discussion Thread

    Its hard to decide who you want to kick when more of ur friend are online. Maybe they can make listing line up for the boss hunt At the entrance of dungen for the pt leader whom he want to allow
  9. Zulfaqar96

    where are others?

    Sneaky is on my friendlist. Come join krona back ;)
  10. Zulfaqar96

    Turning Point Updates Discussion Thread

    Make party of 8 again. 5 seems so small
  11. Zulfaqar96

    Guild chat

    Can we make the guild chat different colour like blue or etc. Which can be more difference compared to shout and party chat
  12. Zulfaqar96

    vote point

    Thanks red ;) already joined it
  13. Zulfaqar96

    vote point

    My 1year + old conch staff that i bought at 90P are sold at 2-3P only this day. You should sell faster
  14. Zulfaqar96

    vote point

    does our vote point is deleted? sorry been away for a while don't know much about new updates thanks
  15. Zulfaqar96


    I am sorry i am not here for about a year. Thats why i ask