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  1. xWinged

    SELLING Champ set+20+19

    Champ Set (Vigors+20, Demols+19 , Gore+10) C/o : None a/w: None Mail or Pm me in-game xWinged
  2. xWinged

    Suggestions + Changes + Fixes

    1+ piggy
  3. xWinged

    SELLING Typhoon +9

    Selling Typhoon +9 10/10 Molten A 25str Awake no Runes L/o
  4. xWinged

    ~ Info's Request Thread ~

    helloooo can you make me one pls... do whatever you want just put xWinged and a bloody yoyo on it thanks <3 Basic/abstract
  5. xWinged

    ~ Info's Gallery ~

  6. xWinged

    Lets Talk About Balance...

    i love you trixie
  7. xWinged

    SELLING S> PvP wep of choice

    do you have an a/w?
  8. xWinged

    Really need your help on buff pet

    it is buff pet i bought it
  9. xWinged

    Guild Siege 3/1/2017

    tell me who has -300k hp in siege if you are full geared.. emmm i dont have crit dmg and i have 1150 str+ and hop still trash so dunno what are you talking about
  10. xWinged

    Guild Siege 3/1/2017

    +1 im 90% ok with bp's right now but they have to buff jester for sure cause i have a high hop dmg and i cant kill a bp while they are swapping... tried it today and i failed.
  11. xWinged

    Guild Siege 3/1/2017

    1+ buff jester a little pls
  12. xWinged

    Guild Siege Points Earned

    add more power to hop pls