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    So I reformatted my OS and did a fresh install, this eliminated the lag. I'm guessing cpu wasn't properly working that caused it. But now I have another problem is the cpu usage on multi client. With the msi dragon center i can control the fan speed according to my gpu and cpu temps, but when i open two krona along with chrome the cpu usage jack up to like 90%, making my cpu temps in the 80s which cranks my fan really loud. Does any1 have this problem as well, or krona is just poorly optimized? I'm running a 7280hk
  2. lolmz


    Pretty much everywhere, its smooth for the most part, but millasec freezes happens here and there
  3. lolmz


    I'm getting 50 to 60 fps, but the game seem to have micro graphic lag for whatever reason, would freeze for a millasec. Any1 got this issue?