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  1. Post v18 dungeons ❤️
  2. Krona V1 the EXP toggle was a great solution, not quite sure why that was removed but would love to see it return.
  3. You will need to add neuz.exe as an exception to your antivirus software.
  4. This typically occurs on the programmers end but another very common cause of this is a antivirus software installed on your system. What security software are you using and if none you may be using windows defender which is default on windows 10. You'll most likely need to add neuz.exe as a exception to your software.
  5. Your antivirus software may be auto-deleting neuz.exe
  6. Caesium


    one thousand six hundred and forty four
  7. Try doing this; Go to folder with Krona in it Right-click Neuz application and create shortcut On shortcut, right click and click properties Where it says Target, add sunkist at the end example: Z:\Krona\Neuz.exe sunkist Run the modified shortcut