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  1. Same as magma, but yeah it is definitely less hassle specially for newbies :3 might as well allowed to change other accounts to same email to be more convenient
  2. Oblique


    i think it can't be green xD
  3. Oblique


    can we request a color for a guan yu shield? and around how much auto win for set estimately 🤔 if guanyu shield can be green color then ill offer 3kp
  4. Oblique


    i mean 10k worth of dp to you XD
  5. Oblique


    Incase you will take any DP, ill buy 10k worth of It XD , If last minute offer is allowed ask me for the shield tho ill outbid the last bid
  6. Oblique

    Can we talk about this?

    Yeah, it happens the same on faymarsh all stages! XD and stage 3 is the most annoying part which you stuck inside the tree and can't get out that easily unless you get used to it. But since faymarsh has a good map and you guys applied it nicely, Why it can't be done on sengius forest? 🤔 or you also spend thousand euro just for the faymarsh map?
  7. Oblique

    Hello doods

    Welcome to Krona! Are you somehow related to Hours (reminds me of your name) 😆
  8. Oblique

    Weekly events hosted by players

    I'll join to this later ! hope we will have fun!
  9. Flaris won't be reverse to the old flaris of flyff. We are stuck on the future
  10. Oblique

    Oh Hai

    Henlo! 😋 echelons you can always pm MatchaTea in game for free 100 perins ! 🙂 welcome broh 😹
  11. Oblique

    Hey /

    Welcome Killian! I am also an old flyff player back on 2007 Mia Sever gpotato flyff v7 where siege is all using small aibat trans XD For that cloak you are looking for there is a free cloak for lvl 120 that look like dragon cape but expires after 14days but you can still use it as transmute if you already bought your endgame wings, For the google i think i saw some on town or prolly on dp shop not sure but there is a google here :) Mars Mine from flaris dungeon is not implemented here but maybe they will put a good feature on it soon (hopefully mantis farming) XD Krona is beginner friendly and you can check this link for your reference but as what Saurus said.. joining krona discord is your best choice so we can answer your question live even you are not in game! We have an awesome and friendly moderators there! Hope to see you in-game / discord soon Good luck on your bumpy journey, May the odds be in your favor
  12. Oblique


    Bring Back Mars Mine Dungeon on flaris for mantis / orb farming
  13. Oblique


    Welcome Hours! I hope you spent Infinity Time to krona as we all do the same hmu when you have any question regarding in-game! :3
  14. Oblique

    PRICE CHECK Conch staff +10 25 int awake

    on this generation this staff worth like 70p + unbind
  15. nope XD 8 man on faymarsh is omegalul XD it will be damn easy LMAO