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  1. Matcha

    Video Guide - Multiple Crystals at Onima

    bicc stronk +1
  2. Matcha

    Hello there!

    Welcome fren, I hope you enjoy your stay here at Krona may the drama of flyff pvp keep you entertained and many good lucks with upgradin pvp gears (':
  3. Well depending on what you want to main from those three (if you are going to main one of those) Id work on getting your weaps and set to +20 with some decent awakes and cards and make your way towards 175 since you can do Catan (which is 10 runs, each runs giving 4p and X amount of astral powder ((for insigs)) which is pretty nice) Alternatively, you could restart all your chars because of how much easier they made it for us since at 105 and 120 they give us a free 2 week buff pet/statted cloak which makes doing dungeons and pretty much everything way easier Upgrading should look something along the lines of set/weap +20 (cards too) > buff pet > full statted cloak/wings > statted cs (optional tbh, half statted should do you justice for a while, same with wings) I prolly missed some things so just hmu in game if you ever see me on and I'll probably be there
  4. Matcha

    Hi everybody !

    Hello comrade and I hope you enjoy your stay here at Krona <:
  5. Matcha

    Fragment of Eva's Loot

  6. Matcha

    Regarding jimmies

    how are you only getting 0.01 killing jimmies o.o do you not have a couple leveled or somethin
  7. Matcha

    Tras Farmin for starters

    Its a lot easier now though since we're all given a free 0/9 buff pet and occult/ruthless cloak but yeah, its still pretty rough (x I guess another way of easily making money while doing your own thing is selling arcane pairs since people still need those xd but as Petrua said, try to just zoom past 150 and get to 175, thats where the bicc boi money making begins with dungeon drops/catan/colo <: If you see any of my chars in game feel free to message me any other questions and ill be happy to help <:
  8. Matcha

    Tras Farmin for starters

    Arca farming getting 150 set/weap is pretty important thus: upgrading set/weap +20 > getting a 0/9 buff pet > occult cloak/wings > statted set and back then the minimum for 1 shotting tras mobs was like 115k magic attack but im pretty sure that has been lowered by a lot (do your best to get to 100% dct, cause that stuff speeds up the farmin process by a long shot) any other class: get a +20 150 set/weap (B/4% cards work out) and your classes v15 jewel set +18 and get to 175 and farm catan, its 40p per 10 runs and its typically around 20-30m for all of the runs depending on your gear happy flyff-ing ser
  9. Matcha

    Hello doods

    Welcome to Krona ser <: i hope u enjoy ur time here and if ya ever see any of my chars feel free to hmu (if im not afk xd)
  10. best update so far imo speedy baps are veri fun <:
  11. Matcha

    Oh Hai

    Hello fren, and welcome to Krona 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay
  12. Matcha

    Weekly events hosted by players

    penge po divine & i contribute soon <:
  13. Matcha

    Hey /

    Welcome to krona (: hope you enjoy your stay fren