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  1. Adonis

    UPCOMING The Legendary GM Siege

    :o Asylum coming back for this maybe, nice event :D will have to recruit again T_T
  2. Adonis

    Guild Siege Leader Scoring System

    talk to my mvp crown pls i'm too busy for peasants
  3. Adonis

    Guild Siege Leader Scoring System

    the best always come out on top
  4. Adonis

    Crackshooter PvP question

    neither of u had mvp cus i was mvp
  5. Adonis

    Goodbye :D

    Hey all I have officially stop playing Krona. I am thankful for everyone i met here and the times I had as a leader of Asylum with my good friends. I wish everyone the best and more power to Krona staff in making such an awesome server keep it up. Maybe i will see you one day! Goodbye!
  6. Adonis

    SELLING Quitting Sale!

    Hey all. Today I leave Krona so I sell my gears. I will accept perins only for my gear. I don't have client installed anymore so I can't check perfect awakes but will estimate and they are pretty much accurate. Sorry. Harlequin Set +20 Helmet (Level 150) | Awake: +35 STR +20 Suit (Level 150) | 4/4 7% Lightning Card | Awake: +25 STR +20 Gauntlets (Level 150) | Awake: +1000 P.Atk +20 Boots (Level 150) | Awake: +10% Speed Harlequin HP Swap +20 Helmet (Level 150) | Awake: +35 STAc +20 Suit (Level 150) | 4/4 7% Lightning Card | Awake: +25 STA Harlequin Weapons +20 Dementia (10/10 Fire A), 3/5 PvP Gems, 2/5 STR Gems, Awake: +35 STR +20 Viceroy (10/10 Land A), 5/5 STA Gems, Awake: +28 STA Force Master Set (Asal) +20 Helmet (Level 150) | Awake: +25 STR, +8 STA +20 Suit (Level 150) | Awake: +25 INT +20 Gauntlets (Level 150) | Awake: +9 DCT +20 Boots (Level 150) | Awake: +10% Speed Force Master HP Swap +20 Helmet (Level 150) | Awake: +25 STA +20 Suit (Level 150) | 4/4 Volcano Card 7% | Awake: +19 STA My BP weapons suck bad so I sell them cheap in a vendor someday or just keep them. See ya all.
  7. Adonis

    SLAYER on PVP?

    you tanked my hop like 5 times that siege but you suck and chase people around in damage gear, not my fault bro sorry :( and as far as i can tell, u only do good when its u and trixies against 2 other people LOOOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL anyways no problem bro
  8. Adonis

    SLAYER on PVP?

    wtf r u on abt? i said maybe the best pvp jester in terms of gear but ur right, i have t3 dex not t3 str which is a problem and i have nothing against wes he is good pilot. wtf u even talking abt tho? u r really riding him this hard, u are his stalker boyfriend ? i can siege maybe 1st pers week while he is in every siege ofc he will be more evident in siege ? also i have 300 ping to server so pls stop :) also count ur blessings :D if i were in siege, you'd be doing 5-10 like last time we were both in siege together
  9. Adonis

    SLAYER on PVP?

    common case of git gud all slayers
  10. Adonis

    SLAYER on PVP?

    srry wat arceus ? I have a maxed (maybe the best pvp jester) on the server and if dieselmeken even blinks at me then im obliterated and my hop alone isnt enough to kill him at his full sta. i expect the same with doudzy/cisum. if bringer still played thatd be a problem too. xD to even compete as a jester u have to go full str with the way classes have changed over the last 2 months. u cant kill anyone (not even other jesters) as a full sta jester anymore. no food exists. so full str gives u like 200k hp in ur new build with the new damage buff (which is also necessary). so... yeah. and btw cracks are insane with triple shot and maxed out now. effole 1 hits me with 650k hp lul. slayer is ez pz. only if people know how to play it in pvp tho. swapping is mandatory. fm is the only op class.
  11. pvp is pretty messed up. but they r doing a balance update i believe soon. pve is very balance tbh
  12. Adonis

    Guild Siege 06/09/2017

  13. Adonis

    Krona Flyff legal?

  14. ive played most other top servers with a lot of people and krona is the best. idk what else to say