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  1. AsaelVilla

    Contaminated Rhisis Fail

    Roger that. Believe me, i will, for it troubles many players, not just me.
  2. Hello Kronians. To whom it may concern: I believe we should pay atention to the CRT last boss, you know, that blue fiery dragon. Thing is that i want to file a complain against his methods. You see, the guy has those fancy attacks where he stuns me and throw me all over the place. Not a problem really if each one is casted separately but when they are mixed...uh oh... thats when the problem begins. Allow me to elaborate. When i get bugged(because that's what it is) it troubles me in several ways: * My champion master of the hunt deals absolute no damage plus i cant cast any sort of skill * I must consume way more remantis in order to survive which lowers my supplies(not so serious, but still) * Takes too long to be stunned again so i can start dealing damage again in order to prevail over the mighty dragon or its minions * Must relog(quite often) in order to recover my capability to inflict damage on my target(s) - Directly linked to the point above - and by relogging, i lose party lead and/or party members which translates in less damage My suggestions are the following: Remove the dragon's ability which stuns Remove the dragon's ability which takes its target into the air Increase the stun rate when the dragon cast infernal breath(in order to fix the problem described above) If none of the suggestions above are possible then: Change the final boss for that dungeon. Many of my fellow Kronians can relate to this and im 100% sure they will support this. Thank you for reading
  3. AsaelVilla

    Beginner Change Suggestions

    Im having fun running the 150 dungeons and farming. But yea, in the end im being told to move to 175 so i can join my guildies in the dungeons. I'd lower the suggested upgrades you mention to +10 on sets. Chaos gems and crystals are fine where they are. I think crafting materials should be a bit easier to obtain so mid lvl players can start their collection for future use.
  4. AsaelVilla


    Gotcha, thank you for the welcome and yes, i remember them being the best for solo runs. Still hoping for the gunslinger class to come hehe :P . Seems like this is the best server to play in, just needs more people and thats it. Last question...Any american based guilds around?
  5. AsaelVilla


    Im glad to read that. Ive been online for 2 hours and saw few people online, really few compared to when it started. I think i joined like 2-3 weeks after that happened. Things seem the same. Stable, balanced, funny(although i hate lvling) and im willing to try to reach 150 at least. What are the better solo classes and what dungeons are worthy, i mean below 150-175 nowadays? Last time i played i focused on farming SW back when the crystal bow's price was 700-800m xD made some profit from that.
  6. AsaelVilla


    Hello, my name is Asael xD im 29 and i already played here and i totally loved it. Id like to try out the server again. Just wondering if is actually populated and by how much nowadays, if the market is alive and how difficult is to reach the top for a casual(2-4 times a week) player. Choosing IGN again hehe
  7. AsaelVilla

    What a Chaos

    Q____Q the levels!!!!
  8. AsaelVilla

    Didn't receive my vote points

    Yes, neither cant i and ive tried almost everything.
  9. AsaelVilla

    The roles of Ringmaster/Knight

    In terms of solo-ing...a good couple could be Seraph and Templar[though itll take longer time to finish] but thats up to level 135 dungeons. If you want to try the others, you need an active Seraph/Templar.
  10. AsaelVilla

    Static's Ultimate Dungeon Guide

    Which i did and managed to stay safer and succesful at 62k. Your guide helped me a lot and i thank you for that.
  11. AsaelVilla

    Multiple Accounts with the same mail.

    Interesting feature. Thank you for the tip
  12. AsaelVilla

    Stats on my set gone.

    Befor the update, i had a decent Hanes set with few stats on its parts and after the update, the hanes parts were normal. Any word on this?
  13. That is my suggestion. Its a pain in the ass to introduce different email adresses for the different accounts i want to create. I ran out of emails and i still have 2 classes i want to play on this server q___q It is way better to have different accounts than all characters in one and you know it...before you say anything about making the characters on an existing account
  14. AsaelVilla

    Lvl 120 Siege

    Aww :[ oh well. This can go to the denied section too.