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  1. Gerard


    Error 404
  2. Gerard

    SLAYER on PVP?

    pvp player
  3. Gerard

    Suggestion on Awake Department

    market strategy. welp krona is a non-p2w server i doubt theyll add something like this bud.
  4. Gerard


    PH GMs <3 no haterino, loverinos only
  5. Gerard

    Siege 11-06-17

    thanks for the big siege my guy
  6. Gerard

    Guild Siege 06/09/2017

    thanks for the big siege my guy
  7. Gerard

    Krona's Faymarsh Update Discussion Thread

    your research paper is great my guy! <3 ill buy a portfolio for you so we can document them all ok, ily man also only you and bish mvped? wow you hurt my buttcheeks my guy
  8. Gerard

    Krona's Faymarsh Update Discussion Thread

    PS: dont run with @Bish he'll fuck up your faymarsh dungeon LMFAO
  9. Gerard

    Krona's Faymarsh Update Discussion Thread

    so ugh my friends are doing a test run, so far yeah the stun are causing the crash, Lumi used cross line (acro skill) and she crashed, BPs with stonehand buffs causes crash if they proc a stun on the mobs. thats what i got so far. RM skill ( mana reward) doesnt seem to cause a crash ( im not sure if it has a stun on mobs in pve?) the stun of the eva storm is causing a crash aswell
  10. Gerard

    Krona's Faymarsh Update Discussion Thread

    eyyy lots of crash inside faymarsh. dont know whats causing em
  11. Gerard

    SELLING Lhari's Eqs For Sale!

    updated. up
  12. Gerard

    BUYING B>Ruthless Cloak

  13. Gerard

    BUYING B>Ruthless Cloak

    offer for ruthless?
  14. PVP Yoyo+20 5/5 PVP Gems 10/10 Molten A Awake: Str+19 Phy atk +640 c/o: None Viceroy +20 5/5 Sta Gems 10/10 Ground A Awake: Sta+25 c/o: None T3 Str Set+20 c/o: None Ruthless Kheldor Cloak c/o: None PVP Cloak c/o: None PVP Mask c/o: None just post your offers or leave me a PM here in the forums thanks! sorry im too lazy to post pictures right now, maybe ill post some later on
  15. Gerard

    Baruna Oblivion

    they should just remove the useless awakenings and all is good. the awake rotations will be much more better