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  1. S~>175 Blader Axe+14 - (10/10)Molten A - 12%ICD Awake - 60STR - 1kMgc Def arcane.Slot - FirespireAxe Model, Say me "Disadvantage" w/ Offer! ^_^
  2. Can someone post the images of the wings found at (Mythical Fae Merchant) or links would really appreciate it , just wanted to see how some of it looks like!
  3. Well its good to know that it's not just me, all we can do now is wait, right? for a farm location with 175 mobs. (~o_o)~ (~ o_o)~ (~o_o)~
  4. @Adrian I'm (175) and I'm hunting Chief Polardash (173) at Sengius Forest. like I kill 10 of these guys only 4-5 monsters drops penya. IF it because of the level difference and not a bug, where car I farm Penya here in this server then? without having the drop problem please help! just want to farm without this stupid problem (Y_Y)
  5. Ummm is it just me? because every 10 monsters I kill sometimes there are monsters that don't drop any item and penya at all, Is this normal to this server or a bug? if so please fix this problem because of this my farming is really slow >_< tried asking other players about this problem they seem to say it is just me but I don't believe them because also got a friend playing the game have the same problem as me. If you don't, believe me, please try it out yourselves because I really think this is a Bug, this is a first for me and I've played flyff for many years now.