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  1. Still no Gunner ?
  2. rapzarex


    Hello can you put a zip file of the game cause i cant install it now i uninstalled but still i cant reinstall it now HELP PLEASE ??
  3. rapzarex


    Cant reinstall it because it says i need to uninstall the program from remove or add program menu but i already did uninstall it i already restarted the pc btw
  4. I uninstalled the game so i can reinstall it to fix my problem but now it says go to unstall program in the control pannel but i already uninstalled the krona flyff i tried restarting but it does not work can you put a client in ZIP file in the download section
  5. rapzarex


    I triend when i push play the client will open white then crash
  6. rapzarex


    When i click Play it just crashes