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  1. Hi, welcome to Krona, glad you like it! Some eFlyFF skills were judged useless and were removed to be replaced with better, more useful ones. The assist buffs at Buff Ball last for 24 hours and are max level anyway. Yes, that is intended, you just unlock your skills already at max level. You can loot weapon/armor for any class on leveling mobs around the item level (For level 30 set, it would be mobs around level 30 to 45, for example) It's fine to ask questions, no need to apologize, however if you are looking for quick answers you could join the Official Discord. It is way more active than forums, and that's where most of the community is at. The Wikipedia is pretty outdated though - if you're looking for guides or more information about Krona's custom systems, you could look here. Have a good day as well!
  2. Open it on a jester of the same gender as your character.
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    Dorian is the best Discord mod.
  4. Blade was never the fastest in v1. In fact, none of the attack speeds were changed between v1 and v2, as far as I know.
  5. Make sure you add the entire Krona folder as exception to both your antivirus and Windows Defender, and restart your patcher. If this doesn't work, disable them both completely before restarting your patcher.
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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, you now have infinite soda, but also got diabetes from that much sugar and cannot enjoy your soda anymore. I wish that I had more free time to play Krona.
  7. Add your Krona FlyFF folder/Neuz to your antivirus/windows defender exceptions. If this doesn't work, disable both of them before patching.
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    Hello, I'm Lulu!

    Hi, welcome (back) to Krona!
  9. Iluay

    Anomi here!

    Hey, welcome to Krona!