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  1. Swagnus

    ORBS too Much?

    +1 There should be more ways to get orbs. Creating a new character just for giant hunting is a bit autistic in my opinion.
  2. Swagnus

    Let's talk about the future

    I love how the admins are taking this post and responding well to the criticism involved. I hope this won't happen again in the future, i am a developer myself so i know how important testing is. This is exactly an example of a problem that a "testing" phase addresses and prevents.
  3. Swagnus

    Is server down ?

    You do realize that happened 11 hours ago right?
  4. Swagnus


    That's the magic attack from my suit. It transferred to the cloak.
  5. Swagnus

    BUYING Conch Stave

    45p - Magnus
  6. Swagnus

    Banjo. The real MVP

    As expected of the strongest Arcanist in game.
  7. Swagnus

    buffPet Slot 100p Lose

    Wait, what?
  8. Swagnus

    SELLING 135 Heraud Suit (M) 30% ICD

    I honestly got lucky with that awakening but considering the price of baruna revs i'd say it's pretty reasonable.
  9. Swagnus

    New to server need some advice

    That depends if you got all all the amps on. It usually takes an hour or so.
  10. Swagnus

    Anyone can make a guide for Gear Enhancement?

    Enhancing is pretty self-explanatory unless you are new to the game itself.
  11. Swagnus

    New to server need some advice

    1v1 knights are really good but also very gear dependent. FM buffs give ICD+15%, all stats+25, block rate+5% and attack+1000.
  12. Swagnus

    New to server need some advice

    -No, you don't need to create a forcemaster but you can make one as a buff slave to help you get those extra stats for dungeons. -Knight is very viable and necessary for tanking end-game dungeons like Onima ( although nowadays players go with RM as tank ). -Don't try to rush to 150, take your time at doing dungeons and getting gears, do 120 dungeons until you get accessories after that move on to 140 and so on.