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  1. Conan

    SELLING Selling CS + epic stuff! check now

    how much for Templar set? mail me
  2. Conan

    SELLING Super Cheap Asal Eq

    how much pve set?
  3. everything sold :) thanks
  4. bump :) set still available
  5. still buying Glacier?
  6. bump :) set remaining
  7. Glacier F! Let me know your offers or maybe trade to a windtracker wings :D / mail me Shinoe
  8. bump !:) updated shield sold and Champ sold!
  9. bump !:) updated shield sold!
  10. i did tried to do some experiments there as well :D turned out good without pets .. wow i wonder how much damage that can deal haha
  11. im trying to get Banjo's damage 3m @ coves so far i can manage 2m without STAT and Upgrade Pickup Pet / no stated mask nor cloak :D (full sta @ 3m HP)
  12. sure thing :D ill try to check for revert but i guess that would cost atleast 12-15p as well as unbinds so 150p for the fist :)
  13. make it 300p ill provide the revert and unbinds :D my mistake it was 24 ICD
  14. oh i just thought of selling it right now hahah ! how much do u think this would cost? lol im thinking ill start with 140p they prov revert considering the awakes whatyathink? haha
  15. bump / added PVE SHIELD