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  1. Zeke

    Stan Lee

    Poor Stan Lee, his wife died last year and he was just getting sick. It was his time to go to be with his wife. His spirit will be missed but not forgotten!
  2. These look so cool, great work I'm seeing from this server! Those assist branching skills much love!!!
  3. I think they rate only would need increased a little bit for players who don't or can't spend money. It's fine if it isn't increased, everyone will just have to put in a little more work.
  4. Zeke

    Seeking Guild!

    Looking for a English speaking(or francais) guild! I'm a filthy casual but I would still like to join a guild!!!
  5. Zeke

    Mistletoe boii :D

    I love the colours you've used!
  6. That's actually kind of cute!
  7. Zeke

    You're Banned!!!

    In this game, each user posts a silly reason why the user above you is banned! Ex.: Banned because you used numbers in your username !
  8. As the name suggests, we will have to count up to one-hundred but if a staff member posts the chain resets. I'll post first 1!!!
  9. Zeke

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but the world of Krone has just become smaller. I wish I had more soda.
  10. Zeke


    Bears don't fly kites unless they're high.
  11. Good day! I am Zeke! I thought I would make a post to introduce myself. I have been an on and off player of FlyFF since 2006. I've tried many of private servers looking for one that suits my play style and needs, From what I've played of Krona FlyFF, things are going accordingly well. I hope to grow as a member of the community and I thank you for taking the time to read this post.