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  1. Ayase


    Retracting my offer on the stated set as per checking, the CS I'm eyeing is released as normal cs not stated one
  2. Could've easily won if it says any QI. Still got Azria QIs for title evidence lel.
  3. It gets better and better Just a little concern with the following items: Krona's Item/Vote Mall Changes The "Voter's Gambling Loot Box" has been removed from the Vote Shop. The "15 Day Pet Feed" has been removed from the Vote Shop. The "PvP Supply Crate" has been removed from the Vote Shop. The "Scroll of Unbinding" has been removed from the Vote Shop. The "Book of Fabrication" has been removed from the Vote Shop. As of this writing, items are still in vote store. But once implemented. I can see a significant drop in our daily votes (though Gcrap always doing this to our vote count Opps ). What's our action for this? Thanks
  4. (Showing off custom CS/Cloak)
  5. Ayase

    RC and Everpower scroll

    PVP update is not even out chill. Still no
  6. Ayase

    RC and Everpower scroll

    Dungeons are just made way too easy now so no.
  7. Great work! @ProtosHeis and staff
  8. Ayase

    Beginner Change Suggestions

    Yep read your casualization post. Seems pretty much is covered there. Glad to hear it was approved.
  9. Ayase

    Beginner Change Suggestions

    Want to add. 175 dungeon is just too cruel for soloist such as myself. Is there a slim possiblity of adding a solo ip based dungeon that drops all items (small drop or low chance for weaps) obtainable in current 175?(except onima drops) rework colo for instance or use the tower where in certain floor drops certain items. Don't care if its cancerous as catan atm. I just need. My daily 175 runs Sound ridiculous but this is my main problem atm, 175 bores me. Been looking for a team in my guild and town but no ones wants to run any of the current dungeon except onima.
  10. Ayase

    4/B card exchange and DT Drops

    (Card Quantity) = 52(attempts) x 20 (Card Req.) (Card Quantity) = 1,040 1,040 is to low bru. Been rolling with 4K cards sorry
  11. Ayase

    Change Flaris Back

    Yes ples. Or. Change the floor color to brown
  12. ICD card vs Physical attack cards Anyone tested it yet?
  13. Ayase

    Sea Siege 02/06/2018

    Tamang parser :)
  14. Ayase

    Sea Siege 02/06/2018

    Adjust the guild name font size as well as its width(font style?) to balance things
  15. Ayase

    Sea Siege 02/06/2018

    Adjust the column size ser to make it fit