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  1. first :3 nice patch btw ty ser protos and ser phoen1x
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    Weekly events hosted by players

    Am I late?
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    Welcome! I'm glad that you are enjoying the server and are on the server discord! I hope that we can chat and become friends too ^^
  4. Saurus

    Hey /

    Hello and welcome to Krona! I hope you enjoy your time here and have a great experience with the rest of the community. If you haven't already you should join the Krona discord at https://discord.gg/CxWJuPc. The chat is very active and helpful and you can interact with staff as well as the rest of the community. If you need anything let me know <3
  5. Saurus

    Greetings from europe (GodsWife)

    Welcome to Krona! Definitely join the Discord, its way more active than the forum. Hope you enjoy the server! If you need help with anything at all reach out to someone, or in the Discord. People do help a lot here :)
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    Goldflower Temple Dungeon Video Guide.

    Sound in 2018?
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    where are others?

    It's true. I bought his orbs haHA.
  8. It takes around characters with maxed 150 gear and insignias around 8 minutes per run. Results may vary (Duh). 1 run is 7.2p + some shreds and astral. So 80 minutes for 72p? I mean thats worse than traseia is, and this is with elite gear. I thought this was supposed to be for the masses, not for the already geared who don't need penya. I am running this more for the shreds than the penya at this point tbh. I still prefer traseia over Catan atm. However dark tras got easier to 1 shot, so I might upgrade my arca to 1 shot Dark Tras.
  9. Saurus

    4th job or gunner

    its coming soon. :>
  10. Saurus

    Giant Farming Dungeon

    The expansion to 175 really created that requirement to stay at 150 to gear up. When the max level was 150, everyone was going straight to 150 and gearing up then, just as they are now. I do agree, changes do have to be made to make players go straight to 175 and be able to gear up there. But as Vanitas said you will need to stay at 150 to upgrade your gear before you can do 175 content. Any content pre 150 is easy without good gear but the 175 dungeons are just exponentially harder. Honestly, their difficulty is perfect in most peoples opinion. The only thing that I think needs to be changed is the length you stay at 150. I don't think you can rush to 175 and have +0 150 gear and expect to run 175 dungeons. You should have good enough 150 gear to run 175 dungeons just as you need good enough gear to run 150 dungeons. The difference being, with good gear you can solo 150 dungeons with ease right now. But with good 150 gear you can't solo 175 dungeons because you need a team of 4+ characters to do them. That's how they were designed. I mean you CAN run them without great gear but it could take you hours. The ideal Onima run takes 7 -15 minutes. The ideal Faymarsh run takes 45 minutes - 1 hour. The ideal Catan run takes 30 minutes. In these cases, the word ideal would mean be acceptable in length. Anything faster is just OP, and definitely possible with the right setup and OP people.
  11. Saurus

    Penya farm Party skill

    Nobody at 175 farms penya using a 175 character. We all use 150 arcanists to farm penya because it's the most efficient right now. Azria 1 hitting is half the money as traseia 1 hitting but you shouldn't stay there long. If you need help, as I expect most new people would love help, then just ask. I've lent out tons of perin to people to help them out. What I'm trying to say is that it is possible to make a 1 hit farmer for traseia within a month easily. You even get an early boost now with the 14 day cloak and buffpet. I know people are aready made 1 hit farmers without help really, and that's thanks to having a buffpet and occult cloak. And you're expected to farm money for your own buffpet by the time it runs out. By then you should have upgraded your farmer so it can one hit without a occult cloak. As I've said earlier. My arcanist with full A and 7% cards and +20 wep and a +16 set is almost able to 1 hit without a buffpet. Those are all items obtained from ingame. The buffpet allowed me to one hit with a +14 staff and +10 set. Also, you get MC from farming so you can save up for cards that way. Plus you can get A and 7% cards now from leveling. Its not easy to make a 1 hit farmer and a character at level 175 with maxed 150 gear, but its not impossible? You make it seem impossible without farming without a life for 10 hours a day, which is not true. What diminished returns past 150 are you talking about? The only hard part after 150 is upgrading 175 gear because as of right now it takes time to collect upgrading materials. Also, only 1 175 part/wep drops per run and there's only 2 runs a day in Catan. So getting the gear itself can take some time as well. But if it was easier than I don't think people would like it. I mean who wants to be spoon fed? This server isn't meant to be easy, but also isn't meant to be hard. I don't ever think I joined a server expecting to be maxed endgame within 2 months? It was considerably harder back 1 year ago today, yet the server was #1 on GTop for many months in a row and had a player count of like 300+ easy. Also, if you need help just ask. I'm 100% sure most of us would gladly help new players with loans and borrowing extra buffpet and stuff. Heck, my guild adds new players if they're active and on discord and we help out all the new players. We took all the guys who are close to endgame with us already. I lent my alternate 170+ characters to them so they can experience it and get drops too. So yes, it is way easier to have friends who help and stuff, but this is an MMO. Idk if you can expect to play this game purely solo and expect to get very far. All the OP people have trustworthy friends and guild members who they run dungeons with consistently. I just don't think its hard right now. I see many people gearing up. Just reach out and we can help. Seriously. You don't have to play alone.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to put those calculations in. That post is literally 100% more useful than the wiki. Need a dozen more wiki pages with that type of content.

    1. Saurus


      Yeah np! I'm pretty sure Vanitas/Petrua is making a Super Guide about how to start Krona as a new player. We don't want new players to quit and understand its overwhelming at first. Once you do get closer to endgame you'll see that it actually isn't that hard as it seems. I could farm like 1k perin a week, but I'm a hard core casual player. As in, I login to talk with friends and do my daily dungeon runs and then thats about it. I farm like an hour a day when I need to but I don't have that much time. So you can be successful in Krona without putting in a ton of hours. The major hurdle is getting that buffpet early on because it helps you immensely. Kinda sad it's behind Dpoints right now but I don't see that changing. Do you need help gearing up? I can seriously help you out without a problem. All my posts to that thread are just explaining that its not impossible, but its just a hurdle to end game. I'm not trying to be mean or condescending at all. :D

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    2. Green


      I find your posts to be accurate, well thought, and with a spark of optimism. I fully understand it's not impossible. I made a +20 Ranger 1st to run 150's. Used it to gear a +20 Arca, a +15 RM, and +10 Slayer. My point has been, there's too much rigid reliance on mass penya farming to buy your way to 175, instead of dungeon crawling your way up. Grinding is a poor excuse for creative methods of progress. +20 gear is cake, but without 14 A cards, it's near worthless the moment you step past 150. I can't express how disappointing it is, that the best farms are 150, because when only 1 person can farm Dark Trasia.. That's the same thing as making it useless. I am unbelievably frustrated there is no middle ground. Either you have X-Y-Z items, or you leveled a useless 175.. Stop, go back to 150 to farm more penya, make a new char just so you can farm 175.. Middle ground. There's no guide explaining the useful jobs worth moving to 175. There's no guide explaining Dark Trasia is not viable in +20 150 gear. There's no guide on minimum requirements for dungeons, only you should probably have maxed everything. It does require hours, lots, but spreading them out is one method to make it less draining. The simple fact, I moved an Arca past 150 without knowing its worthless without A cards, and there's no other viable way or place to farm Penya. Took me from active 5-8 hours a day, to 10 minutes a day.

  13. Saurus

    Penya farm Party skill

    So you want to become a maxed 175 character in a day? It took literally like 3 months back in 2016 to get a maxed 150 character and its only gotten easier. None of the old players are complaining about their time being wasted because its so easy to make a good character now. The hardest part is know how to succeed here because there's a lot of custom content to learn and each server has its own way of leveling and gearing up even if they don't have custom content. To +20 a 150 weapon it used to take about 2k Stone of Balance. Now its gotten a lot easier. I've gotten 3 +20 weapons in ~300-400 on avg. That's literally 2 days of running Ankou which drops 200-250 Stone of Balance per 6 runs. And +20ing a set is about 200-300 per part too. So it's about a week's worth of +20ing a set and weapon. That is enough to run 175 dungeons. Nobody has a 175 set to replace their 150 set because a +10 175 set is worse than a maxed 150 set. Upgrading 175 gear past +10 is hard and quite expensive as of writing this post.175 weapons are better than maxed 150 weapons though, provided they are +10 with 10/10 A cards and the right Arcane slot. Only 1 person has a +20 175 weapon so far and it's been what, 2-3 months since the 175 expansion?? You can easily catch up to the rest of the casual-hardcore (putting in minimal effort per day) players in like 2-3 weeks. Nobody is telling you that you have to grind to be good, be Flyff is and always has been a grinding game. In Krona, it's enough to farm 1 hour per day to catch up to the endgame players within 2-3 weeks. I'll calculate the price too... Max 150 Character (That is ready to run 175 content): Idk, but ~8 hours for a level 175 Character with maxed 150 gear is not that much of an investment. New players now get a free 14 day Cloak for their class, and a 0/9 buffpet. The cloak can cost 500p-700p and the buffpet can cost ~200p. I would focus on buyin the buffpet first before buying a cloak. Getting free 14 day versions means that you have 14 days to make a 1 hit farmer and farm atleast a buffpet. I'll detail what a 150 1 and 2 hit farmer needs. Now obviously you would be 2 hitting until you get the buffpet because a 1 hit farmer needs a buffpet. The combination of upgrades and cards doesn't matter, the thing that matters is your total magic attack. I'll be using my arcanist's gear to test the required magic attack to 2 hit and 1 hit. It 2 hits with ~77.6k Magic attack and without linked or upcut or buffpet. With upcut and linked I'm sure you would need less magic attack. It almost 1 hits with ~94.5k magic attack using linked and upcut and without a buffput. With a +20 set I'm sure I would have enough to 1 hit without a buffpet. So it IS possible to 1 hit without a buffpet, but having one would let you one hit with lesser gear. My arca was 1 hitting with upcut, linked, buffpet 9/9 while having staff +14 and set +10 and the same adepts set. A 2 hit arcanist will get you about 25-30p an hour at traseia. I hear a 1 hit farmer at azria gets you the same amount and it costs about 10p or less to upgrade gear to do that. So it will take about 10 hours to get a buffpet at most while you gear up your arcanist to be able to one hit. Disclaimer: This is all just taking into consideration that we DON'T have the 1v1 penya farming dungeon yet because then who knows what would be the best way to make penya. Now, I made quite a few calculations here for you (and everyone). And we can see that it is totally possible to invest in a 1 hit farmer (includes buffpet) within the 14 day limit that you have the strong power boost of a cloak and buffpet. Once you have a 1 hit farmer you can take the above calculations on the time/penya it takes to create a character that would allow you to be able to run the 175 content. Now regarding the Increased Penya % farming skill. This would have the greatest impact on the hardcore farmers and severely inflate the prices on everything since they will be so rich. We already saw that happen with the price of donor points skyrocketing from 3-4p per 100 dpoints at the start of the server (when people farmed about 20p a day on average) to ranges of 15p-20p per 100 dpoints. This pretty much almost killed the server because people were discourage they had to farm so much compared to no life farmers who accumulated thousands of perin and 20p/100 dpoints was no problem to them at all. Life is about numbers. Increase the number of penya flowing into the server and then the price of items goes up, not stay the same. Simple economics? I tried to show you in this post that the time needed to invest in your characters to be able to do 175 content is not that significant. Once you maxed a dungeon farmer and a penya farmer than it becomes ever so easier. And don't use the argument of having maxed 175 gear, because literally nobody has maxed 175 gear yet. The legendary tier 175 gear for PvE is impossible to even craft at the moment anyways. I've only seen 1 person with a +20 175 Epic tier staff too. There may be quite a few in the +11-19 range I dont know about. But that doesn't even matter because you don't NEED maxed 175 gear to run 175 content. Maxed 150 gear is more than fine, hence why I showed you what it takes to actually make it. Flyff is a grinding game, but Krona doesn't even require you to play hardcore to be endgame. But, don't expect to become endgame maxed within a week of playing. tldr; The time to make a character with sufficient gear to run 175 dungeons is not that significant if you play casually like 1-2 hours per day for a few weeks.
  14. Saurus

    Giant Farming Dungeon

    Well, the new 1v1 penya farming dungeon is going to be bosses/giants. So maybe you got your wish?
  15. Saurus

    Penya farm Party skill

    Uhm, AoE arcanist is the best AoE class in the game? It's pretty natural for it to be the best farming class. It always was, and probably always will be. Now, 60p per hour isn't hard to get. I don't even use the most optimal path because I don't know it or care for it. I just run around killing groups of Grumble Maulers. My gear is +17 staff with 10/10 Aqua A and suit with 4/4 7% Magic Attack, +15 Set with only like +20 int awakes on helmet and suit, and like 6% DCT gauntlets and like 9% speed boots. Nothing op at all. I was 2 hitting until I farmed enough MC for the cards. And now you get a free occult cloak and buffpet for two weeks. That should be enough time to farm up about 200p for a buffpet. Because the occult cloak isn't needed to one hit. I've farmed for a few hours the past week and there was no competition. Even if there were 2-3 people per island there is plenty of room for everyone and helps reset the spawns faster too. Also, a new 1v1 penya farming dungeon is being implemented soon so you won't be "forced" to farm using an arcanist. Once people get better 175 gear then Dark Tras will be better than Traseia but nobody really has gear good enough for that except for Wabbit maybe. If you are worried about spending 6-8 hours farming instead of spending time with family then what are you doing on Flyff, and how are you not able to balance your time. You can farm for 1 hour a day for 2 weeks and make tons of money.