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  1. Iluay

    Krona's Real Selfie Picture Thread

    ok man love you too
  2. So since this has been requested quite a bit, here it is :
  3. I'd say farm SoBs at Ankou, it's really easy to clear (find people to run it with you, it can help, they have the IP-based system, enabling everyone to get loots) Catan is a solo dungeon, so you can only enter it with one char. Any class works though, since PvE is pretty balanced. The bosses there don't really deal much damage. I would seriously consider making new chars considering you only have few gears and the buffpet/cloak help A LOT in the beginning. Best gear runs faster, it's just a dungeon where you have 3 bosses and you have to kill them. I would say the best option would be to make a new Arcanist, level it up to 150, and use the buffpet/cloak to farm Traseia and the 150 dungeons. Once you can buy a buffpet on your own, go ahead and do it, then start gearing whatever class you like, since they all work in endgame anyway.
  4. Iluay

    Hi everybody !

    Hi and welcome to Krona! Feel free to DM me on discord at Iluay#0001 or ingame on Iluay if you have any questions, I'm french aswell! Baguettes will dominate this server
  5. Heya, So lately the price of Eva's rare materials has skyrocketted to the point people are selling Harps at 1k perins/each. I don't really think that's right, and that's a problem since IP based has come to Onima. It adds even more RNG. My solution to this would be to completely remove the lootrate of the Eva's rare materials, and instead add the following : - Fragment of Eva's Heart - Fragment of Eva's Harp - Fragment of Eva's Soul - Fragment of Eva's Sinister Ring All of them would have 10x more loot rate than the current lootrate (for example if you currently have 1% chance to get an Eva's Heart, you'd have 10% chance of getting a Fragment of Eva's Heart). The point would be to add them to the Crafting NPC, and with 10 of these, you would be able to craft the corresponding rare material, it would reduce RNG and also regulate prices, since people would buy fragments (which would be way easier to loot) Tell me what you think about it, guys!
  6. Hella good update, big well done to the devs Finally I can store all my shit in one inventory and it looks clean :3 Hopefully that wardrobe fix comes soon!
  7. Iluay

    Second low rate server

    Well first of all, Krona is for sure no copypaste work, most of the custom features you won't find them anywhere else. Now about the suggestion : I agree that it would bring people, however I'm not sure it is worth spending time/money on this considering it will not bring that much players. Krona has been casualized a lot lately, and I kinda think making leveling harder would make no sense considering how fast it is to gear. Most people don't really like leveling, it would be weird to have more leveling in the game than actually gearing up. Moreover the devs have been pretty busy with other stuff lately, so I'm not sure it would be a priority even if it gets accepted.
  8. Iluay


    Typo? Please tell me that's a typo.
  9. Iluay


    Well pretty sure they won't sell the PvE set for less than 5k perins, so not sure an end date is really useful lmao
  10. Iluay


    2p for an Elf Set (F)
  11. Event ended a bit later since there was maintenance, but here are the winners! Bellybutton with 6666 Popshifts Lakas with 22265 Reptilion Teeth Ganda with 30140 Blade Pieces Please DM me on Discord at Iluay#0001 so we can set a schedule to trade that stuff!
  12. Hey! So as some of you know, Seductive donated his gear to the weekly events. Big thanks to him! However, some items (His Ruthless Kheldor, White Glacier (M) and Flamewynd) would be a bit expensive to give away for a 3 minute Hide and Seek round. So there will be an event going on for the whole weekend, in which you will have to collect quest items! The person who collects the most wins. QI Collecting Event To win the Ruthless Kheldor (Statted Cloak for Physical classes) : You will have to be the person who collects the most Popshifts and mail them to me. You can loot these on Popcranks, at the Darkon 3 desert. (Deadwalderness) To win the White Glacier (M) (Statted Set) : You will have to be the person who collects the most Reptilion Teeth and mail them to me. You can loot these on Club-tailed Reptilions, at Shaduwar. To win the Flamewynd (9 slots SFX buffpet) : You will have to be the person who collects the most Blade Pieces and mail them to me. You can loot these on Risen Assassins, at Valley of the Risen. Rules : - You have to mail the items to Iluay before Sunday at 23:59 server time (GMT+2) to participate in the event. Please mail everything at once. (if you have more than one stack, you can do it in several mails, of course). - You can buy the items from other players of course, since the person who has the most, at the end, wins. - Don't AFK farm or use any bots (as the Krona rules specify). - I will mail the items back after I'm done counting. Big thanks to Seductive again, and happy hunting! NOTE : The weekly event will still happen Saturday at 17:00 server time (GMT+2) as usual. Link here if you want to check the rewards : http://forum.kronaflyff.com/index.php?/topic/3223-weekly-events-hosted-by-players/
  13. Iluay

    Weekly events hosted by players

    Updated with next event rewards! Thanks to Seductive for donating his stuff!
  14. Iluay

    PRICE CHECK Price Check T1 to T3 accessory set

    Well you need T2 to craft T3 anyway, so I'd say that's better to get your T2 to +18 before upgrading it to T3, since it takes some time to get T3 mats.