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  1. Iluay

    PRICE CHECK Price Check T1 to T3 accessory set

    Well you need T2 to craft T3 anyway, so I'd say that's better to get your T2 to +18 before upgrading it to T3, since it takes some time to get T3 mats.
  2. Iluay

    PRICE CHECK Price Check T1 to T3 accessory set

    Well first of all I wouldn't recommend upgrading T1/T2 to +20, since +19 and +20 have really low rates. Other than that, prices for 1 piece: T1 +0 = 15-20p T1 +18 = 25-30p T2 (+0 or +18) = 150-200p T3 +0 = 500p T3 +20 = 550p
  3. Iluay

    Hello doods

    Welcome to Krona!
  4. Iluay

    Weekly events hosted by players

    A huge donation from the Equinox guild! Big thanks to them! I'll be giving these out during the 2 next events, as well as some other stuff! Make sure to thank them in-game!
  5. Iluay

    OS required

    Check your firewall too. You might aswell want to join the Discord to get more in-depth help.
  6. Noshy is making one!
  7. Iluay

    Weekly events hosted by players

    Bump! Be there or be square!
  8. Iluay


    The NPC is located in Flaris, near the bank!
  9. Most classes lost approximately 35 to 50% damage. Keep in mind this isn't final. Also, swap will definitely work, the point is just for people not to be killed in 2-hits in HP gear like it used to be, which was pretty damn stupid. Feel free to come talk about it in the official Discord in #siege-channel, we can answer most of your questions faster than on forums.
  10. "All damage in PvP has been reduced with -30% and then balanced from that point on." "We’ve tweaked the modifiers/formula for the skill “Asalraalaikum” to slightly increase it’s damage only in PvP environments." Asal got nerfed. It lost something along the lines of 20% damage. Btw at fullgear, a full STA Sky Splitter was dealing 1 million damage.
  11. Iluay

    Weekly events hosted by players

    Bump! Don't forget to come!
  12. Iluay


  13. Iluay

    Weekly events hosted by players

    The thing with 1) is that people would just collect any questies x100 if I make this happen every week, and then just come to me and trade me lmfao Mathematics event is kinda like QnA though? Fastest to answer wins
  14. Iluay

    Oh Hai

    Hi and welcome to Krona! You'll like it here, the server has the best PvE content on FlyFF so far (end-game mechanical dungeons), aswell as a lot of great other features! I saw you already joined the Discord, it's way more active than the forums, so if you have any questions, make sure to ask there, you will get an answer way faster.
  15. Iluay

    Official Guild Siege video thread

    big revive