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  1. KoivKomorebi

    Updater has stopped working

  2. KoivKomorebi

    Updater has stopped working

    Updater has stopped working. Already reinstalled the client.
  3. KoivKomorebi

    SELLING Nothing to see here folks.

    -N/A Decided not to sell.
  4. KoivKomorebi

    In Depth Class Skill/Balance Suggestions

    Psy isn't fine. As a full sta psy your dmg is most likely decent. However a crucio part in psys unfairness is well crucio, remove it from pvp, same with knight reflect. HOP should do much more damage than it currently is, and harlequins greeting should be fixed to its original port ability (is it fixed yet?) And I sort of ish agree with the Ele but still having a high 1v1 skill would be nice for them seeing as they lag behind in dps having something that hits high in pvp would help them out.
  5. KoivKomorebi

    Gamer Community (Any Game)

    Bring the memes im not updated.
  6. KoivKomorebi

    Can not dual screen

    Static is right, but here's the solution run two patchers and click play on both of them.
  7. KoivKomorebi

    NPC Vendors

    The state of flaris atm is a massive lag fest for some players, having the premium npc and other important npcs in different cities will help out tremendously.
  8. KoivKomorebi

    Gamer Community (Any Game)

    Hey, wanna meet others about different games, wanna just chill hang out and other stuff? Want to have conversations that go 0 to 100 real quick? Join KronaKappa Here's the link https://discord.gg/3APS5td
  9. KoivKomorebi


    Welcome to the game! Yeah the servers population is getting better and better by the day and it's a great server overall. I hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in game!
  10. KoivKomorebi

    A total list of suggestions

    How about for the couple thing completing a dungeon with a couple you get an increase at drops Okay so to the pet thing im against having such a rare pet that increases stats by insane amounts but i like the idea of the rare pet skins like some cute looking stuff as well as some badass looking stuff Using both the bags and tabbed inventory would increase inventory size insanely I like it.
  11. KoivKomorebi

    Krona FlyFF Trailer

    The clip on onima is the old onima but it looks the same only diff is that you can see the monk aoe buff
  12. KoivKomorebi

    Server Review by L0v0lup (YT-Video)

    Matt didnt mention Prestige ; - ;
  13. KoivKomorebi

    Krona's Onima Cave Update Weekly Discussion

    Onima First Completion: @KoivKomorebi, @Saurus, @Lumissa, @Evalerian and @phantasmagoria Honorable mentions: @Disturbed
  14. KoivKomorebi

    Krona's Onima Cave Update Weekly Discussion

    Great update so far, was hoping for a ICD fix but maybe that can be later (hopefully) but great update on paper cant wait to test out everything. I liked it good job!
  15. KoivKomorebi

    Aether Grasp Not Intended Damage

    They actually fixed it during the last patch if you read the patch notes all projectiles have had their speed increased, they can no longer be outrun, you run with as much cs possible buff pet fw the spell will still catch up.