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    Yo, parser guy here. So I've been working on this thing : http://iluay.com/KronaSiegeLeaderboards/ Which is basically a website that stores informations on the uploaded siege logs and makes rankings/achievements for players. I uploaded a few old sieges for it to not be completely empty (I'll reset it on launch) The website works as follows : As a normal user, you can upload your siege log files and check on guild sieges like any other parser. There are a few admins (you can find the list here : http://iluay.com/KronaSiegeLeaderboards/about/ ) These admins (who are trusted users) are allowed to upload the siege logs to the database, which will update rankings, character information, and achievements. Hope that this will be useful, considering the basic FlyFF in-game leaderboards really suck (like really). If you don't like the website version, the other parser is still available here : http://iluay.com/KronaSiegeLeaderboards/files/GsParser.exe If you have any suggestions (more achievements or something else), let me know!
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    This is how the EXP works currently with leveling parties. You receive 100% of the EXP from your monster at all times, and receive 15% of the EXP from every party member nearby to you. So basically no matter what, you're gaining more EXP by leveling with others.
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    After a lot of thought on the issue, I'm personally in preference of a higher EXP rate - and here's why: In the previous iteration of Krona, the 'mid-game slump' was, and despite many attempts to navigate around it and ease the transition to end-game, continued to be an issue for a lot of players - especially newer players with less starting resources. I know we all love to think we miss the vanilla FlyFF leveling experience, which is to say the grind, but at the end of the day the overwhelming majority of us don't enjoy grinding for countless hours (often amounting to days) to hit max level across multiple characters. This is just my own personal opinion based on my previous experiences, though, so let's get the discussion going guys!
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    Hey everyone! I know you're all as excited for the forums as we are... and this time around, we've got some goals to work towards. Forum ranks can simply be defined as the time you put into replying and being active on the forums. As you get stronger & better, you move towards better ranks and as such, better rewards. I'm a strong believer of an active community base on both Discord and the forums, and think they have both have their specific usages. (If you're not in our Discord, click here to join, we do a lot more on-the-spot talking here in the Discord rather than on the forums). Forum Ranks Forum Perks We do have some perks for you when achieving the ranks... looking for something in particular? Lazy Lawolfs: Avatar Image Unlocked, Status Updates Unlocked Mangled Muffrin: Gets Cover Images Unlocked Tangled Tialle: Animated/GIF Avatar Image Unlocked King Krona: Access to Private Forum Unlocked, Name Change Every 2 Weeks Unlocked, Larger Avatar Images Unlocked If you can think of any other great rewards to give here, make sure to let me know. I hope this makes the forum more exciting and fun to use for everyone. Stay tuned for the awards system. Regards, Red.

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