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    1st mention, when you posted the thread https://gyazo.com/afc2f3b30a25eedf4da9736d7c049e47 https://gyazo.com/f97347ea9d903e97702f2a27a8c47e3b https://gyazo.com/2d8804ef205b1dd7dbc211ba5b551aec https://gyazo.com/9cf501eded9aa3927e490baa3830944e 2nd mention, talking about siege: https://gyazo.com/c5b68cc4a19450a903b1bba4455f3613 3rd mention, someone saying you're gay enough to crash flyff https://gyazo.com/26e8f7dea323cc57dacc6b704e4f5c58 4th mention, memes https://gyazo.com/5ddd2b1dc171e980cc290dacee533ced We talked about your wings picture but guess we didn't mention your name. Baby stfu and stay in your lane, someone's lying to you about how often and for how long we talk about you.
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    Name: Adam In-game name: Krusty Age: 21 Location: Super Silver right now, but climbing the ranks fast
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    It would be awesome to match faces with players, so this thread is for players who don't mind showing their faces to the community. Also, I'd love to know where everyone is from around the world! I'll go first: Name: Moe In-game name: Exion Edit: I think it's cute that some people on this server decided to shit talk my selfies for an entire week on discord. I'll take it as a compliment that you think I dont actually look like this. My photos are not photoshoped, I don't own nor know how to use photoshop or have filters. I have just a professional camera with good lighting because I make youtube videos, hence why my face appears so vibrant. I would appreciate if you would stop hating, I show everyone here respect, and I would like the same. Thank You.
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    Hey everyone, I've been helping out some community members in regards to their health, and instead of repeating myself, I figured it would be nice to have a set thread with helpful and proven information and tips I can give you guys for having a better life style, especially if you live a sedentary life. I would also like to touch upon mental health and physical style appearance as well. I swam professionally for 9 years, and I model part time, some of the advice and tips ill give here came directly from the industry im in. I also studied bio med in college and im a huge science nerd if that helps lmao. THIS IS ALSO AN AMA THREAD, FEEL FREE TO ASK SERIOUS QUESTIONS. Thank You for reading. Dieting - I hate the word "diet". No one should ever be dieting. Instead, change your entire way of life. You need to adjust your lifestyle and make committed changes and substitutions. Remove soda from your life completely. It's liquid calories, it makes you fat and bloated, and it destroys your teeth and bones. Stick with Water, Black coffee, Tea, Almond Milk, etc. Find out what your BMR is. Basic Metabolic Rate. It will tell you how much calories your body burns just for existing everyday. This number is without any exercise, etc. 3500 calories is equal to a pound of fat. If you're BMR is 2000, and you dont exercise, to lose weight, eat 1700-1800 calories a day. To stay at the same weight, eat 2000 a day. If you are exercising, then do not cut back on your calories, instead stay at the 2,000. If you're lifting weighs and trying to gain weight/mass, then you'll need to eat more than 2000 calories. You can have your cake & eat it too - Just dont eat an entire pie of pizza right afterwards. Learn to substitute. If you ate alot earlier in the day, have a small dinner to compensate. Fasting is very healthy for you. It not only teaches you discipline it has thousands of health benefits, a simple google search can give pages of information. I usually fast twice a week. Green Tea and Spices naturally boost your BMR. Spices have chemicals that tell your body to burn more calories. Cut out all junk food completely, seriously. In about 14 days, your brain will re-wire itself and you wont crave it anymore. Don't bring it into your house and tell your parents not to buy it. If it aint in your house, you wont eat it. Get into the habit of eating fruits, especially when your craving sugar. Strawberries, dates, oranges, and bananas are amazing for craving a sweet tooth. If you're the type that doesnt cook vegetables, make life easy, just throw a bunch of vegetables and fruits in a blender. It's really delicious. Berries, Kale, Bananas, Orange, Apples, Ice. If your urine is yellow, you're dehydrated, go drink water! Healthy urine should be clear or slightly yellow. Fitness - The fitness world has a ton of misconceptions and is very opinionated. But for my information, I'm only going to be giving advice that is 100% backed up by science. Walk an hour a day. That's really all you need to do to live healthier and lose weight also. You dont need to be running and dying. Just put on some headphones and walk fast for an hour. Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. For abs to show, you generally need less than 12% body fat. Everyone has abs, if you cant see them, your fat is covering it. Calisthenics Vs. Weights - Do both. Weights will give you faster muscle gains, but calisthenics teaches your body disciples and developers in the inner muscles we have around our body. Dont do crunches. Most ab exercises are actually horrible for your back. Instead, do push ups, planks, pull ups, etc. Anything that stables your core. You CAN NOT spot reduce. If you have fat in a specific region, you cant just focus on that region to lose the fat there. That isnt how it works. Your genetics decide where your fat is gained, and where you lose it first. Look at your family and you'll notice a pattern. Going to the gym every single day isnt needed especially when lifting weights. If you dont give your muscles a break, they wont grow. Muscles grow in the recovery period. To Females: Doing push ups will make your chest lift up. It's like having a natural bra on. If you sit down a lot, get into the habit or set a timer, that every 15/30 minutes, you get up, and pump out as many push ups as possible. Strive for a better body for you, not anyone else. Having a nice body wont solve all your insecurities, you'll just find something else "wrong" about you to nitpick on. Walking 1 mile is equal to about 100-200 calories depending on how heavy you are. Heavier people burn more calories. You can walk 5 miles in an hour. That's like... 12 songs. It aint hard. Swimming is the best exercise ever. Not even being biased here lol. It works out your entire body, and exercises your heart and lungs. You also dont have that sweaty feeling afterwards. When you feel lazy, BLAST some feel good music. You'll be more willing to get up. Eating more is perfectly normal when lifting weights, your body burns a lot of energy in lifting weights and repairing muscle. So go ahead and eat another piece of steak lol. Mental Health - Insecurities, depression, motivation. We all go through issues and body image concerns, let's break some misconceptions. Everyone has insecurities. Even when you "solve" what you're insecure about, you'll just find something else "wrong" with you right after. The most beautiful people think they are ugly. Hence why they put so much effort to look so attractive. Surgeries, cosmetics, etc. It becomes an unhealthy obsession. Don't be fooled by photos. Social media has a nasty habit of making humans insecure because they compare themselves to people online. But it doesn't make sense because selfies are the best lighted filtered pose. You can make an iguana look like Angelina Jolie at certain angles. Being depressed about issues in your life help builds character, but it all depends on how you address it. Pills and anti depressants wont help you. When faced with an issue in life - Can you change it? Then change it. If you cant, then suck it up and deal with it. That's life. Being sad wont change the outcome. Don't envy others over materialistic possessions, I come from a multimillion dollar family, and they all hate each other because of issues related to having so much wealth. Find comfort and blessings in small things. Scientists have proven that giving charity/helping others activates our pleasure senses in our brain more than receiving things. Blast feel good music, seriously, music is extremely manipulative. It could make the happiest person depressed or the most depressed person excited. Abuse it. It's okay to cry for no reason, its actually quite healthy to listen to a sad song every once in a while and just cry for no reason. Sounds funny, but it helps deal with inner battles that we have in our subconscious. Do not compare your journey to someone else's highlight reel. Humans have a habit of looking at successful people and comparing themselves to them, not knowing that many of these successful people also had to climb the mountain and went through the same struggle. It's perfectly normal to be gaining/losing 2 pounds everytime you weigh yourself in the morning, that's usually just water weight. Appearance Tips - These are tips and tricks i learned being in the entertainment industry. For a better jawline, you need to drop your body fat percentage. Not all men were blessed with good genetics. Chewing gum is also a good jaw exercises and sucking dick. If you aren't overweight, wear fitted clothing, it will make you look a lot leaner and almost more presentable. If you are underweight, wear clothing that has more cotton/materials around the shoulders. Never wear horizontal stripped patterns, it makes you look wide. Go with vertical. It's totally okay for guys to wear makeup. Most men do actually. Especially if they are in the public eye, news reporters, business men etc. A little under eye concealer goes a LONG way, and is easy to do. Moisturize! Seriously it really does make a huge difference to how you look. If you're face is naturally very oily, you can skip this. If you're over the age of 20, and you still have acne, it could be environmental reasons. Make sure you change your pillow sheets often, if you break out on your forehead, it could be because your hair is down and the oil goes on your forehead. Tiny small bumps on your forehead is also a sign of dehydration. Staying away from salty foods will make your abs pop out more. Before a photoshoot, if i'm shirtless, I dont consume anything salty in the last 24 hours. Eating salty foods causes water retention which makes you bloated. Find your angle, this ones important, some people look better on their left side than they do on their right side. Find your angle, and work it gurl. Sex can nerve wracking, just be confident, and don't make it so serious. I usually lighten the situation by telling them a funny story of when I tripped down the staircase or something - to lighten the mood. Fix your posture. Sitting on a computer will destroy your posture. Bad posture can make even the most nicest body look horrible. Understand your face shape. It's all about contract. If your face is circle, go for rectangular glasses and an edgy haircut. If you have a square face, go for round glasses, and a rounder hair cut, like an undercut or nice curls. Basically, go for the opposite of what your face is. A round haircut on a round face just makes you look like a ball. Take care of your teeth, nothing is a deal breaker like horrible teeth. If they are messed up badly, get braces, if they are yellow, get a teeth whitening product. (dont over do it, because teeth bleaching products are harmful to the teeth when used in excess) Clean your nails. Wear deodorant. Basic stuff. Find your color, everyone has a color that makes them look better than other colors. If you're dark skinned, go with colors like white, beige, etc. If you're white, go with colors that give color like blue, red, etc. Tan skinned people can wear anything but look really nice in blue, black, and dark grey. I really hoped I can help you guys out. This is also an AMA thread, so please feel free to ask me anything, and ill respond and add the question to the thread.
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    Ha u revealed ur face to the lord almighty meme king @Krusty U done goofed.
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    Don't be ugly. Next Question please. lol just kidding, honestly, i think when it comes to asking someone out, it's best to just be blunt and ask them politely, if they would like to go out for dinner or do something fun.
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    You're very urine. I mean, welcome! Tbh I don't think you need it with a pretty smile like yours. I wish I had a friend like that! You are beautiful, just be yourself! (Didn't want to specify girlfriend or boyfriend, or apachehelicopterfriend for that matter. This is a mental health thread, and everyone should feel welcome) Also, I have not been dating recently. Do you have any good dating advice or tips and tricks if I want to get back into the game?
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    Hey Exion! Really nice thread of yours. I imagine this can be helpful to a lot of people, and I really admire you for sharing your personal tips with us! It is also very reliable because you have your very own experience on this very matter. I will change my entire life, starting tomorrow! Thank you so much! I have a few points I would like to comment on, though. As I think you too, even as close to perfect as you are, can strive a little more for perfection. I really hate this word too. Unless it's a sea food diet. I see food, I eat it. If you're urine, you're doing something wrong. I trust your personal experience on this. You said you are speaking of personal experience. Is that a fact for this as well? And what about this? ... And this? Thank you for always having reliable sources and statements backed up by science 100%! Thank you for reading my feedback. I enjoyed this thread very much. I will give you a reply once again when I feel that I have changed into a better human being. Sincerely yours, Nataliee
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    @Banjo ur small kid me and adam flexin on these niggas @Krusty Name: Jacob Location: Florida IGN: Spongebob next character will be Cockwhore I like penis and adam
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    im looking for a daddy. Pm me krusty winkwink
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    Boy... Then go ahead and post the other times we talked about you. I would love to see them. Go right ahead, the link to the discord is in my signature.
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    When your hair is a mess but you have wings so it doesnt matter
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    dawg u dont even respond t my skype or steam anymre
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    with a tiny spoon of darkness.
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    After binge watching AHS: Freak Show, this Bowie song got stuck in my head. David Bowie - Life On Mars? https://www.youtube.com/v=CKpzw1rfb3g