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    Was suppose to be doing some homework and studying for my college classes, but my attention span ended up going elsewhere and I was like "lmao lets play FlyFF" so here I am, downloading Krona FlyFF and reminiscing on my life decisions thus far. I also have a class in two hours....
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    Get a life and use @Japist instead
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    I mean : thanks for the thread, my guy.
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    +1 to your honesty and courage
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    sure brotha. im off now need to sleep early got too many activities to do tom see you ingame ^^ we need 1 more member and we're good
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    Wasn't able to navigate to the correct area and even though "Media" seems like a good place to go it was generally all in-game topics so I figure i'd begin mine here! This is what i'm currently listening to while I download the game. Vanic - Too Soon
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    I will be a psychiatrist some day. I will refrain from giving any professional opinions because I do not yet possess any, however I would like to leave a comment. The thread presented hear represents what is true for a healthy person with no other ailments, however there are many people in the general population have some form of limiting condition. To those who have tired many times and failed to do anything mentioned in the original post, You are amazing, and I want nothing for the best for you. This thread should be thought as motivational at best, and no person should think of themselves lesser of a person after reading this thread. Nevertheless some people will read this thread and the only motivation this thread will have for them is the only thing this thread does specifically mention not to do to be healthy. To any person who feels this way, please do not let this thread control you, or your actions. You are beautiful and you deserve to feel intelligent, capable, and motivated by this thread, but life gave you the short end of the stick, and you simply can't at this moment. Someday you will feel amazing, and you can read this thread and find motivation, or cringe worthy content, but for now please for everyone you know and love, and most of all yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help, you deserve to be happy.
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    If you are interested in what activivties are better forms of excercises I can recommend looking into MET values, a measurement of energy cost of activities. This website translated the recent MET values to calories burned per hours, might be interesting:
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    All I have to say is: Nataliee you made my day!
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    nuuu something is weird, why not the small font. lol <3
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    Hey Exion! Really nice thread of yours. I imagine this can be helpful to a lot of people, and I really admire you for sharing your personal tips with us! It is also very reliable because you have your very own experience on this very matter. I will change my entire life, starting tomorrow! Thank you so much! I have a few points I would like to comment on, though. As I think you too, even as close to perfect as you are, can strive a little more for perfection. I really hate this word too. Unless it's a sea food diet. I see food, I eat it. If you're urine, you're doing something wrong. I trust your personal experience on this. You said you are speaking of personal experience. Is that a fact for this as well? And what about this? ... And this? Thank you for always having reliable sources and statements backed up by science 100%! Thank you for reading my feedback. I enjoyed this thread very much. I will give you a reply once again when I feel that I have changed into a better human being. Sincerely yours, Nataliee
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    Name: Sisoyy Ign: Paradise / Shes0yy / GhettoPriest " Float like a butterfly, stinglike a bee."
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    Boy... Then go ahead and post the other times we talked about you. I would love to see them. Go right ahead, the link to the discord is in my signature.
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    Is it blowup tuesday already? this is hype af
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    When your hair is a mess but you have wings so it doesnt matter
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    sup @Ethan i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about Krusty. u wouldnt say this shit to him at siege, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
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    Sp33dy, Banjo and I need to have a 3 sum tbh
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    my father and mother + i will beat u in any starcraft game.
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    yall need some of that good shit in your life