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  3. xMiDology

    Hi there

    Hi There! Iam an old flyff veteran too, since 2009 or something I guess, been on and off for alot of time I used to play the original flyff before the gold version came out and quit it before it came out Then headed to pservers (many actually) including FlyForHero & FlyForFame as well! It's nice to see an old veteran too like you πŸ˜‰
  4. Brewski

    Hi there

    Hello everyone! Thought id write a few lines introduce myself see if theres anybody here i might know. Names Bruce aka Brewski. Some of you old school flyff veterans might recognize the name. Just recently I found myself bored outta my mind and hop on my pc only to find a bunch of screen shots of past work Ive done in regards to Flyff. So I decided to check out the flyff pserver world once again to see how things have progressed. A little bit about me: I started playing flyff when it first came out! Then moved on to pservers. My very first server I played on was FlyForFame. Made alot of great friends there. Eventually I was hired as a GM then Admin and even Head Admin. When the server died there were alot of people with really nothing to do anymore so a few of us got together and made FlyForVengence, then Zumina which later on became FlyForGlory. Ive done work behind the scenes of many other servers just because I enjoyed getting my stuff put ingame and being used. Ive done everything from coding to modeling to ripping stuff from other games (cflyff and wow) and sticking them in mine. Surprisingly there are still some CS sets that I designed floating around and its been like 10+ years. Finally!! someone figured out how to make new classes! Thats what got me interested in this server. For years I couldnt figure it out nor could anybody else at the time. So far im really like both new classes! And I like how all the worthless skills are no longer there. Anyways I work throughout the week so Ill be playing on weekends if im not playing torchlight Frontiers or D3. My main's ign is SkylarMcKay, Also have Drizzit and Soleless. So if ya see me online feel free to say HI!! Brew ps heres some work of mine maybe youll recognize some of it.
  5. Hello, I am relatively new on this server, and I have some questions about the Legionnaire class since I can't seem to understand how it "works". 1. First of all, is it even realistic to want a PVE DD Legionnaire ? So far with basic lvl 175 gear and awakes my dps is not so great.. 2. Is legionnaire a skill-focused class or auto-attack class ? So far I have focused on DD with skills, but it is just to slow.. Are they both based on MAtk 3. Which awakes/stats should I go for ? It seems like Dex makes my MAtk go up so that is what I focused on so far. Problem is, cards for weapon only give Dex+pAtk which makes me wonder if that's the best card to put into my weapon. 4. Will DCT affect my skill casting speed ? Is it something I want to max ? So far I only have dex awakes and my DCT is at 0%. That's it for now, I'll add questions to your answers probably. So far, my skills deal 1.5-2.5M damage in Whimsical Forest but the dps is bad because of the slow skill casting. Thanks a lot for your help
  6. Hello ! My name is Edunnor, I'm 23 and I've been playing Flyff for close to 10 years (with several years of break). I am a lvl 175 Legionnaire+RM and I'm starting to feel a bit lonely in game so I woud like to join an active friendly guild to PVE and seek advice. Unlike 10 years ago, I don't have much time to play (finishing a second master's and preparing a PhD in microbiology), but I am always a good conversation and I like helping out newbies. My ign is Edunnor and EduRM, invite me if you are a PVE focused guild with mature and casual players !
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  8. ExileLotus


    im just trying to figure out why its not letting me login keeps saying server is unavailable but the server status says its online please help or fix this please
  9. Hi, welcome to Krona, glad you like it! Some eFlyFF skills were judged useless and were removed to be replaced with better, more useful ones. The assist buffs at Buff Ball last for 24 hours and are max level anyway. Yes, that is intended, you just unlock your skills already at max level. You can loot weapon/armor for any class on leveling mobs around the item level (For level 30 set, it would be mobs around level 30 to 45, for example) It's fine to ask questions, no need to apologize, however if you are looking for quick answers you could join the Official Discord. It is way more active than forums, and that's where most of the community is at. The Wikipedia is pretty outdated though - if you're looking for guides or more information about Krona's custom systems, you could look here. Have a good day as well!
  10. Hi! Me and a friend played Flyff for many years ago (back in the gpotato days) and just found you lot. We've joined the server and are loving it so far however we got a question. We've tried asking in game, searched the forums, wikipedia and internet but to no avail. And it seems like the homepages beginner guide simply links to google and the ''support'' pages to the homepage. So here we are and here is our question: I'm playing a ringmaster however alot of the skills seem to be missing, especially the buff ones. Is this intended? I also can't seem to level up any of my skills, is this intended as well? Where can we buy weapons and armors for raiders? They are not being sold at the normal merchants. Sorry for the newb questions but I could not find an answer no matter how much I searched and the wikipedia beginner guide did not cover this. Hope y'all have a great day!
  11. Well, i found this private server and seems very intersting and fun, i download the installer but there's a point i cant continue, it says "error readinf from file /appdata/roaming/time arc games /krona flyff/install/26BD3B2/container.Zd_xzw_1., verify that the file exist and that you can access it." someone can help me? EDIT: i resolve it just opening with the administrador πŸ˜›
  12. Bifron best spawned beads ^^ Graviton best spawned PSY ^^ Ian best pinoy Nub ^^ Mikeyy best YJ ^^ Jonte best troll bp ^^
  13. I thought Ian died years ago.
  14. Claire

    Justice 4 Pearl

    As I've stated before, ban appeals are to be discussed directly with the Admins of the server and not via public channels. @Aceylis Regarding the health of the server, although I'm glad to see you offer your genuine concern, I can assure you we're doing just fine. We have an established active playerbase, frequent updates with groundbreaking content and a constant influx of new players looking to enjoy what the server has to offer. We have big plans and are only looking forward to server growth in 2019. If you're unhappy with the style of the game you're more than welcome to leave and if a ban is what you truly desire I'm sure it could be arranged at this rate. Regardless, both of you should know better. Thread locked.
  15. Unfortunately due to the way the database is handled, Krona does not offer Windows XP support.
  16. Aceylis

    Justice 4 Pearl

    Well if i were you i’d be glad to get a ban. Krona is a sinking ship. The playerbase decreased over the last weeks. Its getting really boring mid-endgame And soon there will be pvp item in the cash shop? Seems like the Titanic is taking course to InsanityFlyff lel Why even vote for rising up the EXP from leveling? I think it’s the smallest problem of the decreasing numbers. The problem of Krona is.....it’s hell too custom. People want Flyff to be the Flyff they used to play and not a completely overhauled game.
  17. i installed the game but when i click the play button it say"the specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform
  18. HUE dennis, stahp dreamin' faget
  19. Pearl

    Justice 4 Pearl

    I got a perm I.P Banned for using the ass shaking emoticon in the face of a Gamemaster on the day of launch 😞 I dzo feel like Pearl deserves a second chance as he was only trying to flirt πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ Appeal mi ban yah? Pretty please mwuah xxo justttt want to play Krownaaaa
  20. Best BP in Eclipse? Nice joke.
  21. Ian icha Mikeyy jonte and caesium? Graviton best psy Bifrons Best YJ any of my 2 bps best bp fk outta here noobs
  22. Hello guys Im Vivo, i just started some days ago and i do kind of a Lets Play of the Server. I really appreciate the custom content and thought i promote this Server in some way. The Videos are in german though Friend requests ingame are much appreciated Here's the Link to my first Video ( Playist found on my Channel) https://youtu.be/-AOwiEOwI_k
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