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  3. Miguelsncn


    Hi guys! new player here! im currently downloading the game now. hoping to have someone to guide me ingame once i started playing :) imma go for Seraph first with an IGN: Sncn kindly pm me in about an hour from now ingame :) thaaanks see yaaaa
  4. Deoxic

    Caesium ^.^

    Did someone say all me?
  5. RoQz

    Caesium ^.^

    dawg! your late, you have nothing to do here.
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  7. Iluay

    Krona's Real Selfie Picture Thread

    ok man love you too
  8. Jamesideft

    Krona's Real Selfie Picture Thread

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  9. WhiteKnight

    Login Problems

    hey guys, i can´t login anymore. After choosing the Server it won´t load anymore. I can´t select my Character. Any Ideas?
  10. bumblebri

    Help! Can't Install

    I've tried everything mentioned in the FAQ's but when I try to run the installer, I get a "the system cannot find the path specified" message. Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. xraftel

    Log in failed

    Hi, I'm new in the game and just downloaded the client. However, I already registered but when I enter my log in details it says log in details incorrect. I am 100000000000% Sure that my log in details are correct. I even registered another account but the result was still the same. I've already tried reinstalling the game as well. Still same problem.
  12. ReVengeance

    Down Leveling?

    Hey Guys, Im kinda new to the game so dont be hard on me I exedentaly lvld up to 151 (forgot the exp option) but still want to do some 150 instances. Is there a way to somehow level down?
  13. Nice suggestions ser 😃
  14. Hey all. So here's a couple of suggestions I've been thinking about that would be pretty easy to implement, as well as be a good thing for the community as a whole. I noticed there's a lot of new players on Krona and to help foster that type of community, some simple changes could go a long way to ensure they stick around. Especially considering the server(s) that some of them are coming from... well, this could help. Randomize the Free 1-Day Vendor Basically, this would just be to randomize the type of 1-Day Vendor that you get for free from the boxes. It'd be pretty simple to throw the current 1 day vendors into a box and allow them to randomly get one. Why? Because I'm honestly tired of logging in and seeing 100 mushrooms inside of Flaris. It's all about aesthetic, and seeing a shitload of mushrooms in Flaris is not very appealing to me. If I saw a large variant, that'd be WAY better for me in terms of appearance when first viewing Flaris. Plus, options make things more fun. Add "Baby Version" Pick-up Pets to all Bosses & Dungeon Bosses I've wanted this to be a thing for a really, really long time. I'm not saying make them super easy to obtain, and even making them super rare would be a-okay for me. But adding in just overall more items to customize your character would do a ton for the server... plus, some people want to see baby versions of their favorite bosses running around. This is a good/fun way to make boss/dungeon running more exciting. Also, it'd help out in the shouts, because adding more things for people to buy/sell is the way to revive the shout on Krona... since Krona's shout hasn't been in a good status since early 2017. Add 2 Free Inventory Row Unlocks to the Level Up Rewards I've seen a couple of new players confused about this already, and since hovering over a locked inventory slot doesn't tell you how to unlock it (like most popular MMORPGs with locked expandable inventories), this would go a long way of explaining. Adding a description to the inventory unlocks like "this item is only available in the Cash Shop" would also help players understand that's how it works. You cannot unlock rows in-game... although I wish you could do that too. Plus, giving players two more rows of space wouldn't kill anyone and definitely wouldn't harm donations. Rotate in Special Fashions/Pets/Weapon Skins for the First of Every Month I've seen this on every large game since 2000, and it really, really does work. If you rotate in a bunch of special items for the first of each month, and MAKE SURE to remove them promptly when the week is over, this system creates a lot of desire from the players. They'll want to purchase/sell items that were limited time and that would also help the shout out. It isn't hard to do especially when the items on the website are added/removed via a panel. Very simple. Fix the Title System This is another big one that could really help out in making things just more active in general. Adding in the title system with maybe even some customizable options would be cool. Since Krona always goes above and beyond, I can imagine some titles that are unlocked via guilds (could be the equivalent of guild buffs(?)) and siege, and other cool competitions/things. Add a Wiki/Model Viewer In-game It's honestly becoming kind of a standard for a top server to have these two features in the game. The wiki doesn't have to be too involved, it should just show weapons/effects and sets/effects. Maybe even monsters/levels/drops? Not sure. But yeah, these are basically required for important/top servers these days and would go a long ways to show off Krona's cool new fashions/things. ^ Those are some of my suggestions for this time!
  15. Red

    OS required

    Krona does not support Windows XP. We only support Windows Vista or above! As for this issue particularly, it can only be from an anti-virus blocking Krona on your computer from running. I would make sure that your computer does not have any third party anti-virus software secretly installed, and also make sure that Windows Defender is not blocking Krona (add an exception to Windows Defender). If those things still do not work, let me know.
  16. Red

    Sometimes i stop dealing damage.

    Thanks for the report! We've found this mostly only happens because of a bug that was the product of us removing the "stun" abilities from the bosses in the Contaminated Trails dungeon, ironically enough. I've reported this to the developers to get it sorted out. Thanks for reporting, and we hope to get this fixed soon!
  17. nikkiboyblue


    Hi, I'm experiencing a problem in which nothing happens whenever I press play. A white screen (not in fullscreen mode) will just pop out with my cursor loading in circles, and it will close by itself after a few seconds. Yes, I did the thing with AVG and Windows Defender + Reinstalling it. Any more solutions out there that I missed out? Thanks a lot for helping me out!
  18. Hi there, Unsure if this is a problem or not, But when i am killing bosses - i randomly just stop dealing damage as a blade and an elementor. I have given it up to 5 mins and still not able to start dealing damage again. Have tried using skills, but that doesn't work - even tried unequipped weapons and that doesn't work either. Only way i have found to fix this is to relog. Can someone please give me some feedback on this. Upon further inspection this only happens when either blue or red meteo does that attack when you get thrown / end up untargeting it. Thanks
  19. Waffle

    OS required

    I have the same problem, not running antivirus or anything. Already tried with adm rights and with the comp. for windows 8 and 7. I have windows 10. Nothing is working.
  20. Hi, im new here and i really wanted to play again flyff, but when i finished the instalation i couldnt even open the game. When ever i pushed the play button a msg will appear saying "The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform". Already tried with the adm rights and re-installing. Help pls?
  21. CopyAndPaste


    Ugh... No way to delete posts? lol This is offtopic af. But I just wanted to say I love you guys. & I appreciate all the hard work and devotion across the board. Greets from that blade who sucks. lol<3
  22. Hello , im new to this private server , a veteran of the original flyff however i wanted to try to play on this server (to change the habits a little) cause it looked pretty cool to be honest. however after installing the launcher on Direct Download i got the Krona Flyff Installer , however when i click on it it litterly doesnt do anything.... the blue wheel instead of my mouse crosshair keeps going round and round but nothing opens up , i tried running it normaly , tried running as administrator , tried restarting the pc and tried to open it from My PC however nothing works , so currently im stuck with "Krona Flyff Installer" that doesnt want to install anything or even open up..... any suggestions? cause im really interested in playing in this server however it just doesnt let me too.
  23. Navigation [ General Changes | Economy Changes | General Siege Changes ] Discuss the Update! General Changes in the Update General Information on the Update Originally, we wanted to do one huge patch, but since it was too large to roll out to our playerbase, we're breaking these patches up into several smaller updates. You can find the first update here, and we have another update coming out soon, hopefully sometime this week. Economy & General Changes When asked, the number one issue that people complained mostly about were economic, ranging from the amount of perin flowing into the server, all the way to the steep arch that end-game players have over new players when it comes to farming perin. We're working to fix that. Red Beads have been added to the 175 World Bosses. We've completely updated the Red and Blue Chip shop, check them out! Some Weapon Skins have been added to the World Boss shop as well. The Catan spawn region has been fixed. The bosses still spawn in random locations now! We intended to add the penya-sink limited time shop today but ran into some complications with it concerning the 2.1b penya selling limit that FlyFF NPC shops revolve around. We're working on resolving those issues to get the shop out as soon as possible. We also understand there are some issues with our three siege system that was released on Sunday, but we're working around the clock to make sure those are resolved very soon. Please report any other bugs you find to us, thank you! This is just the second part of the update, and we have more coming for you. We currently have that update scheduled for sometime this week, but as you know, sometimes things can go astray, so there's no guaranteed promises it'll happen exactly during this week. Have a good time playing Krona! Regards, the Krona team.
  24. Navigation [ General Changes Economy Changes | General Siege Changes ] Discuss the Update! General Changes in the Update General Information on the Update Originally, we wanted to do one huge patch, but since it was too large to roll out to our playerbase, we're breaking these patches up into several smaller updates, with today's update being the first. Our next update is scheduled for tomorrow. Economy & General Changes When asked, the number one issue that people complained mostly about were economic, ranging from the amount of perin flowing into the server, all the way to the steep arch that end-game players have over new players when it comes to farming perin. We're working to fix that. We've fixed several visual issues in the character and inventory windows. Decreased the HP of the Temple of Catan bosses. Temple of Catan bosses now randomly spawn, it is no longer a linear spawn pattern. We've reduced the overall perin gained from one run of the Temple of Catan. The Temple of Catan now has 20 daily entries instead of 10. We've reduced the amount of penya gained from farming Traesia and Dark Traesia. Shards can no longer be dropped from Pandora Boxes. We are still working on fixing the amount of perin on the server, more information about that in the next update tomorrow. Be patient with us, we're doing what we can to resolve any economic issues that Krona is facing currently. Siege Changes Another issue that was mentioned several times was the current state of PvP on Krona, and while some of the issues we're still investigating viable solutions for, we do have a handleful of resolutions for some current issues now. Remember, this patch is coming in chunks, so this isn't all! Siege is now active three times daily, with no days off. Here's the new schedule: SEA Siege -- 16:00 Server Time. EU Siege -- 21:00 Server Time. NA Siege -- 05:00 Server Time. Wednesday and Sunday are the only two days of the week that MVP Medals/Guild Crowns are awarded. If a guild wins 5 consecutive sieges of a certain region on Wednesday and Sunday, they get a special cloak. This cloak is called the "Battle Worn Commander Cloak (Red)". Pets will no longer even render their SFX inside of the Siege arena. Stun Bug should now be fixed completely. The Billposter skill "Asal" should now only cast from 1m range, instead of the previous 2m range. Everyone in siege now has a preset fashion on others screens, this is a temporary solution to the swap lag issues. We will be updating the Red/Blue Chip shop in the next update with major improvements. Remember, we've got more changes coming out soon, with our next update being tomorrow. This is just one of the several patches in this update coming very very soon, so enjoy this one, wait for the next one, and have a great time playing Krona! Enjoy the update, and our apologies for the delay. Regards, the Krona team.
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