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  3. Hello guys Im Vivo, i just started some days ago and i do kind of a Lets Play of the Server. I really appreciate the custom content and thought i promote this Server in some way. The Videos are in german though Friend requests ingame are much appreciated Here's the Link to my first Video ( Playist found on my Channel) https://youtu.be/-AOwiEOwI_k
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  5. Post v18 dungeons ❤️
  6. Krona V1 the EXP toggle was a great solution, not quite sure why that was removed but would love to see it return.
  7. You will need to add neuz.exe as an exception to your antivirus software.
  8. This typically occurs on the programmers end but another very common cause of this is a antivirus software installed on your system. What security software are you using and if none you may be using windows defender which is default on windows 10. You'll most likely need to add neuz.exe as a exception to your software.
  9. Then it wouldn't be in the flyff folder which it is my friends case.
  10. Why hasn’t this been answered yet? Im having the same issue on win 10 and somehow v1 of krona was totally fine
  11. Your antivirus software may be auto-deleting neuz.exe
  12. Gold Flower Temple Solo I recorded with background music for you guys 😬 (noob here, sorry) edit: i didnt know i could tank with my dps lol
  13. Open it on a jester of the same gender as your character.
  14. Good evening, I cant open my Legionair 175 boxes, i testet allready Relogg, 99,99% Exp, new instal of the server, nothing happend , i hope for a fast respons. Sry for the bad English but ist not my Nativ Language
  15. That doesn't work Caesium Trying this solution only brings forward another problem which is "The name 'F\..........\Neuz.exe sunkist' specified in the Target box is not valid.
  16. KronaFlyFFers, It's what you've all been waiting for: Krona's biggest update yet. Thanks so much for all of the support, and we hope you enjoy what this great new update has to offer! Raider and Legionair After weeks of anticipation they're finally here: Raider and Legionair, two brand new classes, EXCLUSIVE to Krona! Grab your gunpowder and head out into the fields of Madrigal to experience the first ever fully featured custom classes. Wield the power of Dual Pistols and show off your agility with this action-packed class. Introducing Raider. Master the art of the Cannon and blow your enemies away, proving yourself to be the toughest around. Introducing Legionair. General Server Changes The HP bars of the Les Britannia bosses 'Ace Phalanx' and 'Ace Silverwing Duchess' have been fixed. 'Astral Powder' now drops from Frostwind Giants. The drop rate of 'Lost Relic of Time' has been increased in the Goldflower Temple dungeon. 'Onima' and 'Faymarsh' hard modes have had their balance adjusted. The stats of the 'Lord Set' statted costume have been corrected. Snowflake Exchange NPC 'Daddy Snowman' has been added to Flaris. Santa's Stolen Gifts Event Evil Snowmen have invaded Krona, and they've stolen all of Santa's gifts! Kill them to retrieve the Stolen Santa's Lootboxes. You'll help save Christmas in Krona, and opening them up will earn you one of these cool rewards! Until January 7th, 2019. Christmas Cookies Flask of Force Flask of Magic Flask of Agility Flask of Stamina Flask of Lightning Flask of Ages Flask of Oracle Flask of Malevolent Reindeer Antlers Rockin' Reindeer Cap Mr. Grinchie (Pick-Up Pet) Usagi (Pick-Up Pet) Statted Luxurious Ski Set (M/F) Collect the Snowflakes Event The monsters of Krona have gotten into the Holiday spirit, and they've begun dropping Snowflakes for you to collect! Grab as many as you can and head over to Daddy Snowman in Flaris to exchange them for one of these great prizes. Until January 7th, 2019. 2500 > Rudolph's Nose 5000 > Joyful Christmas Wreath 5000 > Snowy Ground Fox 10000 > Polar Bear (Pick-Up Pet) 10000 > Stylish Santa Set (M/F) 30000 > Jack Frost (Buff Pet) 30000 > Rudolph (Buff Pet) Item/Vote Mall Changes 'Divine Everdust' has been added to the Item Mall. 'Iridescent Power Serum' has been added to the Item Mall. 'Airdrop Costume Lootboxes' have been added to the Vote Mall. The quantity of 'Scroll of Sprint' received when purchased in the Vote Mall has been increased to 3. Krona's Winter Collection The following items have been added to the Item Mall and will be obtainable until January 7th, 2019. Crystal Blue Weapon Skin Set Blue Snowflake Wings Frost Crystal Wings Ornate Crystal Wings Spirited Snowman Winter Cat Cap (M) Deer-mas Hat (F) Luxurious Ski Goggles (M) Luxurious Ski Goggles (F) Mistletoe Sets Elf Set (M/F) Thanks for sticking with us and being patient while waiting for this great update. See you in-game! Regards, the Krona development team.
  17. Caesium


    one thousand six hundred and forty four
  18. Try doing this; Go to folder with Krona in it Right-click Neuz application and create shortcut On shortcut, right click and click properties Where it says Target, add sunkist at the end example: Z:\Krona\Neuz.exe sunkist Run the modified shortcut
  19. Yo, so I just downloaded the game but everytime I open the Launcher and press ''play'' nothing happens, the window disapperas but nothing starts, help?
  20. GameGuard

    GUI Bugs

    Hi there Krona! just new on this server but i just notice some minor bugs or maybe not that so important bugs on the GUIs. Hence i don't know yet if its only on my client. Please feel free to delete this topic if its only on my client. Anyways the server was very impressive! 1. Under Motion GUI [O key] Cheer icon doesn't have toggle name and there is no information on how many Cheers you have. 2. Under Motion GUI [O key] -> Emoticon Tab: All emojis has a /IDS_TEXTEMOTION_TXT it doesn't have english word like /laugh /surprise etc. 3. Under Messager GUI [E key]: Add Friend and Mail Icons are invisible but can be Hovered 4. Under Character GUI [H Key] Tab Icons should have Toggle names for better and friendly user interface. 5. Under Quest GUI [Q Key] Quest Give Up button doesn't line up with the text. 6. Under Couple GUI [F Key] Break-Up button doesn't line up with the text. 7. Under Equipment Macro GUI [Z Key] Copy Equipment button doesn't line up with the text. 8. Under Revive GUI when the character dies, usually two option buttons only [Lodestar and Re-spawn] unfortunately there is another one option which is Re-try Colosseum. 9. Under MAP [M Keys]: ALL CASH SHOP AREA MAP: Doesn't have monster details also your character Icon doesn't show up on the map ALL DUNGEON MAP: Character Icon doesn't show up on the map That would be all Thank You Regards, GameGuard
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