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  1. Important Links

    1. Vote for KronaFlyFF   (512 visits to this link)

      Earn vote points for usage in our Vote Mall by voting for your favorite server each day on Gtop100!

    2. Beginner's Guide   (1,226 visits to this link)

      If you're new to Krona, this is a detailed and updated Beginner's Guide that has all of the information you'll need to get started.

  2. Krona's Observatory

    1. Official News

      Keep up to date on changes and important information with KronaFlyFF's official news and announcements happening right here in this forum.

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    2. Official Events

      Enjoy special and seasonal events designed for memorable and exciting fun for the whole KronaFlyFF community!

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    3. Official Polls

      Any officially orchestrated polls from the administration/staff. You can reply and share your thoughts here too!

    4. Suggestions

      Come and read the suggestions from the community to better the server, or post your own!

    5. Krona's Wiki

      User & staff wikipedia sections. Submit your own today!

  3. Krona's Town Square

    1. Server Discussion

      Come and discuss the general status of Krona, and the server updates here.

    2. Introductions

      New to the server? Introduce yourself on this board and start becoming a part of the KronaFlyFF community today. Promise we don't bite!

    3. Marketplace

      If you've got some items to sell, or want to buy your next tier rather than farm it. This is your place to do that business with the other folks!

    4. PvP

      Come discuss the recent PvP happenings on Krona here in this section.

    5. Guilds

      The hub of all guild-related activities, including member recruiting for guilds and general guild-based discussion.

  4. Krona's Medical Center

    1. Technical Support

      If you're having issues with your client, patcher or installer... check in this section for some help.

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    2. Bug Reports

      Report any issues you find in this forum. If you think the issue is game-breaking, do NOT post here, and send a PM to ProtosHeis with detailed information.

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  5. Krona's Community Theatre

    1. General Banter

      Any general, un-related to Krona banter that you want to post can go inside of here. No rules. Have fun and don't get too wild!

    2. Art Corner

      If you're a designer, modeller or musical phenom and want to showcase your skills to the KronaFlyFF community, do that here!

    3. Games

      If you've got a fun and nifty forum game to play, go ahead and do that here. This is your place to dominate everyone else outside of the siege arena!

  6. Krona's Junkyard

    1. Important Archives

      These are mostly posts that don't have a use on Krona, but were once important/helpful and might be good for a back-read someday.

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    2. Graveyard

      These are posts that were not helpful and deserved to remain here in this pile of dead posts. 

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